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Frozen Sauerkraut

A strange WWII sauerkraut photograph from U.S. Military Intelligence publication German Mountain Troops, December 1944.

Frozen Sauerkraut

Original caption: “Mountain troops in a Finnish forest have unloaded from a standard container a cylindrical chunk of frozen sauerkraut which they are cutting up. In an emergency shortage, sawdust may be mingled with sauerkraut as food filler.”

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  • […] German mountain troops (Gebirgsjägers) in World War II sawing frozen sauerkraut apart for dinner. Once you get it out of the barrel, you are only getting started. The Gebirgsjäger served on all fronts but this image was likely taken of units attached to the 20th Mountain Army under Colonel-General (Generaloberst) Eduard Dietl, which was stationed in far northern Norway in Finland opposing the Soviets 1942-45. Hattip Lone Sentry. […]