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Japanese Army Uniforms

The February 7, 1944 issue of NEWSMAP illustrated Japanese uniforms, equipment, and insignia:

Japanese Army Uniforms of World War II

Two examples of the detail drawings:

Japanese Private Infantry Rifleman PRIVATE, INFANTRY RIFLEMAN: M1938 BLOUSE, FRONT
Sampachi (Meiji 38) rifle, rubberized fabric or leather cartridge pouches; gas mask carrier under left arm. The chevron worn on right arm is a diligence stripe.
The fibre material of which the jacket is made may vary with the color of the foliage in the area in which jacket is worn.
Japanese Camouflage Jungle Jacket

(For another view of the Japanese camouflage uniform, see Japanese Camouflage Garment, Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 14, Dec. 17, 1942.)

Source: NEWSMAP, Volume II, No. 42F, February 7, 1944 by Army Information Branch.

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