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German Large Caliber Artillery

Table of German heavy artillery in World War II from Catalog of Enemy Ordnance, U.S. Office of Chief of Ordnance, 1945.

Gun*Type of Carriage and TraverseWeight of Equip­ment (lb.)Length of Barrel in CalibersPROJECTILERemarks
Max. Range (yds.)Muzzle Vel. (ft./sec.)Type**Weight (lbs.)
15 cm K. in Mrs. Laf.  4526,0002,730H.E. (15 cm K. gr. 18)94.6Probably used on platform for coast defense
15 cm K. 18 (149 mm)Mod. Box Trail 12°28,4595527,0402,840H.E. (15 cm K. gr. 18)94.6 
15 cm K. 39 (149 mm)Split Trail 60°27,28055.427,0402,840H.E. (15 cm K. gr. 18)94.6Probably mfd. by Krupp
17 cm K. in Mrs. Laf. 18Mod. Box Trail 16°38,5005032,3703,035H.E.B.C. (17 cm K. gr. 38 Hb.)138Krupp, Essen
21 cm Mrs. 18Mod. Box Trail 16°36,7003118,3001,854H.E. (21 cm gr. 18)249Krupp, Essen
21 cm K. 38Field 360°78,0005037,2002,870H.E. (21 cm K. gr. 38)265360° on platform. Krupp, Essen
21 cm K. 39Field 360°74,8004532,8002,620H.E. (21 cm gr. 40)278Skoda design
21 cm K. 39/40
21 cm K. 39/41
       Both reported to be very similar to 21 cm K. 39
21 cm K. 42   37,0002,820  Muzzle brake fitted
24 cm H. 39Field 360°59,4002819,7001,970H.E. (24 cm gr. 39)365Skoda design similar to 21 cm K. 39
24 cm H. 39/40       Later version of 24 cm H. 39
24 cm K. 3 (238 mm)119,00046
41,0003,248H.E. (24 cm gr. 35)331 
24 cm K. 18 (238 mm)Field 6°118,8005540,5003,180 332Fires splined projectile, Rheinmetal Borsig
28 cm H.L./12Static 360°111,0001211,4001,150H.E. (28 cm Spr. gr. L./3.5 m. Bdz.)770Uses DeBange Type obturator. Obsolete except for coastal defense
28 cm Kst. H.Static 360°81,5001212,5001,243H.E. (28 cm Sprgr. L./3.5 m. Bdz.)770Similar to 28 cm. H.L./12. Fires same projectile
35.5 cm M. 1Field165,000 21,9001,870Anticoncrete (35.5 cm gr. Be.)825 
42 cm Gamma Mrs.Static 45°308,0001615,5001,485Anticoncrete (s. Gr. Be.)2,249
Similar to last war equipment
61.5 cm Mrs. 264,000815,3001,380Anticoncrete (gaschosse L./4.1 für Karl gerät)4,400Reported to have an auxiliary 54 cm barrel
15 cm K. (E)Rly. 360°167,0004025,2002,800H.E. (15 cm K. gr. 18)94.6Naval design. Krupp. Same projectile as 15 cm K. 18
17 cm K. (E)Rly. 360°176,0004029,2002,870H.E.B.C. (17 cm Sprgr. L./4.7 Kz. m. Hb.)138Naval design. Krupp
20 cm K. (E) (203 mm)Rly. Turntable 360°189,5005540,0003,030H.E.B.C. (20.3 cm Sprgr. L./4.7 m. Hb.)247Naval design. Also known as 20 cm S. K. C./34
21 cm K. 12 (E)Rly.744,000196131,0005,330H.E.B.C. (21 cm gr. 35 m. Hb.)236Splined projectile. Differences are not known
21 cm K. 12V (E)Rly.       
21 cm K. 12N (E)Rly.      Believed to involve an alteration of the rifling
24 cm Th. Br. K (E) (238 mm)Rly. 1°207,0003522,2002,210H.E.B.C. (24 cm Sprgr. L./4.5 Bdz. u Kz. m. Hb. ung)328Sister piece to “Theodor Kanone”
24 cm Th. K. (E) (238 mm)Rly.209,00040
29,0002,660H.E.B.C. (24 cm Sprgr. L./4.2 m. Bdz. u Kz. m. Hb.)330“Theodor Kanone” Naval design
28 cm Ks. Br. K. (E)Rly.262,0004032,3002,690H.E.B.C. (28 cm Sprgr. L./4.1 Kz. m. Hb.)529Naval design. Carriages are believed to be very similar
28 cm lg. Br. K. (E)Rly.271,0004540,5002,820H.E.B.C. (28 cm Sprgr. L./4.4 m. Bdz. u Kz. m. Hb.)626Naval design. Carriages are believed to be very similar
28 cm s. Br. K. (E)Rly.286,0005040,5002,880H.E.B.C. (28 cm Sprgr. L./4.4 m. Bdz. u Kz. m. Hb.)626Naval design. Carriages are believed to be very similar
28 cm Br. N. K. (E)Rly.330,000 50,2003,260H.E.B.C. (28 cm Gr. 39 m. Hb.)496Probably splined projectile
28 cm K. 5 (E)Rly. 1° Turntable 360°480,0007663,0003,670H.E.B.C. (28 cm Gr. 35)550Weight does not include turntable. Fires splined projectile. Also reported to fire a rocket assisted shell (28 cm R. Gr. L/4.7) with range of 53 miles.
28 cm K. 5/1 (E)     H.E.B.C. (28 cm Gr. 42) Differences from 28 cm K5 are unknown
28 cm K. 5/2 (E)     H.E.B.C. (28 cm Gr. 42) Differences from 28 cm K. 5 are unknown
38 cm Siegfried K. (E)Rly. Turntable 360° 55
61,0003,450H.E.B.C. (38 cm Sprgr. L./4.5) (Si)1,096Naval design. Also fires a 1,764 lb. shell with maximum range of 46,000 yds.
40 cm K. (E) (406 mm)Rly.710,0005049,0003,450
H.E. (40 cm gr. 40)1,320
Naval design—Adolf. K.
80 cm Gustav Geschütz 2,750,0003551,500  16,700 

* Almost all the data given have not been verified by tests performed by any Allied government and information from sources available varies considerably in reliability and degree of confirmation.
** Of the several types of projectiles fired by each weapon, only one believed to give maximum range is listed.

21 cm Mrs. 18:
21 cm Mrs. mit Mrs. Laf. 18: Heavy Howitzer

20 cm K. (E) (203 mm):
20 cm K. (E): Railway Gun


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