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Antimechanized Defense

FM 17-40 Armored Infantry CompanyAntimechanized defense for armored infantry from the U.S. field manual FM 17-40: Armored Infantry Company:


Antimechanized defense is both passive and active.

(1) The troops are protected passively against mechanized attacks by the digging of fox holes and emplacements, the erection of barricades, tank traps, and mine fields, and by taking advantage of all natural obstacles in the area. (See figs. 1 and 2.)

Passive Antitank Measures: Fox holes, barricades, and natural terrain

Passive Antitank Measures: Tank traps and mine fields

(2) Active measures (fig. 3) include the placing of all antitank weapons in the best possible places to protect the personnel from hostile mechanized attack. Antitank guns and rocket launchers are used to destroy attacking tanks. Riflemen fire on tanks (directly at the vision slits) to aid in blinding the mechanized forces and make them keep hatches closed, thus preventing crews from throwing hand grenades in emplacements or fox holes. Individuals take cover in fox holes or emplacements in time to prevent being crushed. They come out of cover immediately after the tanks pass over in order to repel the accompanying hostile infantry.

Active Antitank Measures


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6 comments to Antimechanized Defense

  • Kurt Steiner

    Can’t you get any information on German and Soviet Tactics? The US Army stuff is dreary because they copied everything from other armies. The US military is soo self-congratulatory because they are covering for a lack of expertise. Look at the US Army now, for example, they are given so many rules to follow to keep from offending the Islamic fanatics that it is causing US casualties. The modern US military is the final result of long term collapse of professionalism, marked by the lack of professional soldiers that became so apparent in WW2.
    The US Army has to hire mercenaries because it has none of its own men who can do the job. The officers, and as a former officer, I keep in touch, are the crummiest bunch of ignoramuses that I have ever seen.

    Don’t preach phony anti-patriotic slurs at me either. Few vets I know are patriotic enough to get out in the streets and fight the communist takeover of America right now. I fought several wars to make the world safe for the tyrant Obama? Hell no!

  • Pat Flannery

    Every time I look at that top illustration, all I can think is: “That’s either one very small Panzer IV, or one mighty big infantryman hiding in the hole.”
    I mean, seriously…he must stand around ten feet tall. 😀

  • gobruins

    Hah, I never noticed that. Maybe he is one of those 10-foot tall Avatar blue guys. 🙂

  • Sean

    I like this post. Keep on working. I’m a fan.

  • tank-traps

    Cool drawings. ಠ_ಠ

  • Get Em

    Get ’em. Get them tanks.