You Can Crack that Tank!

The following instructions for infantry facing attacking tanks were published by the U.S. War Department as a poster in Newsmap, Vol. II, No. 6, May 1943. Although the bazooka was available in most infantry units for antitank defense, individual soldiers were still trained to deal with tank attacks without dedicated antitank weapons.

Tank crews have limited vision even with the ports open. Accurate rifle fire will force them to close up.

Button Him Up

Continued fire directed at the periscope and slits prevents the crew from shooting back at you accurately.

Then Blind Him

Above the ground where you are visible you make an easy target. Hide in your foxhole until the tank passes.

Duck! Don't Run

Let him have it with a well-placed Molotov cocktail splashing burning gasoline over his ventilator or any other vulnerable spot.

Then, Molotov Cocktail

Source: NEWSMAP: Volume II, No. 6, Monday, May 31, 1943. Prepared and distributed by Army Orientation Course, Special Service Division, Army Service Forces. War Department, Washington, D.C.

You Can Crack that Tank


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6 comments to You Can Crack that Tank!

  • …. cool info, so I’ll keep it in mind when I get attacked by a tank !! 🙂

  • Matt Gutierrez

    Cool. I saw this in an army surplus store when I was younger. Now I know what it meant!

  • Andy Odgers

    It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  • Pat Flannery

    I’d like something a little more substantial than a Molotov Cocktail to go after the tank with. Say a five pound chunk of plastic explosive with a grenade embedded in it on the engine deck…better yet, stick it on the bottom of the hull as it passes over your foxhole.
    That will _really_ surprise the Panzer III crew when it goes off.

  • WD40

    Hey! I appreciate the nice write-up. Keeps it up!

  • HelpMe

    Wonder why they used the the Panzer 3 as an example…