Tanks Train in the U.S. Deserts

From Newsmap, September 1942:

Tanks Train in the U.S. Deserts

M3 Grant Tank Grim Reaper Desert Training

While some U.S. tank men already are fighting in North Africa others go through maneuvers in California to toughen them against the enemy. Men wear coveralls and dust masks as they survey the bleak wasteland.

Camp Young, California - WW2 Training

At Camp Young, Calif., a member of the desert fighting force takes a swig from his desert water bag. It's just water but in a place where the temperature goes up to 152 degrees it's the finest drink he ever had.

M3 Tank in California Desert

Showing fine precision and control, this group of tanks charges across the burning sands in their M-3's. The Army is building up a desert force capable of taking on anything under conditions tougher than North Africa.


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