Take the “HE” Out of Summer’s Heat

“Take the ‘HE’ out of summer’s HEAT!” from Army Motors, Vol. 6, No. 3, June 1945.

Take the HE out of summer's HEAT!

Hot weather can stop your vehicle just as dead as a burst of hot steel—it takes a bit longer, that’s all. Summer-wise GI’s will bear down early and often on vital items like these:

  • COOLING SYSTEM—Drain antifreeze, flush system, install rust inhibitor. Check cylinder-head and filler-cap gaskets, thermostat, fan belt, pressure-relief valve, hose connections. Police up that radiator core. Look for leaks everywhere and always.
  • AIR CLEANERS—Keep elements clean—with solvent. Maintain proper oil level (if any).
  • FUEL FILTERS—Drain and clean element frequently.
  • MANIFOLD HEAT-CONTROL—Switch valve to summer position.
  • ENGINE—Wipe off heavy dirt and grease.
  • VALVES—Adjust timing and clearances with extra care.
  • BATTERIES—Watch electrolyte level. Water must be added more often in summer months.
  • TIRES—Keep air pressure what it should be. Check tires when they’re coolest—and don’t bleed them when they’re hot.


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