155-mm Gun M2

Data pertaining to the 155-mm gun M2, the carriage M1 or M1A1, the 155-mm gun mount M13 (T14), and the limbers M2 and M5. All data from the WWII U.S. War Department Technical Manual TM 9-350: 155-mm Gun M2; Carriage M1 and M1A1, Gun Mount M13; Heavy Carriage Limber M2 and M5; and Firing Platform M1, May 1945.


a. Data pertaining to 155-mm gun M2.


Weight of gun (complete with breech mechanism)   9,595 lb
Weight of tube assembly (barrel)  9,190 lb
Length of tube  277.37 in.
Length of bore  cal. .45
Length of rifling  230.57 in.
Powder pressure (normal pressure with maximum charge in a new gun) lb per square in  40,000
Type of breecblock  Interrupted screw
Weight of breech mechanism  405 lb
Type of firing mechanism  continuous pull percussion hammer


Muzzle velocity (average velocity with a new gun in feet per second):
     Shell AP (Maximum zone charge)  2,745 fps
     Shell HE (Maximum zone charge)  2,800 fps
Range: (Maximum)
     AP Shell  24,075 yd
     HE Shell  25,715 yd
Rate of fire:
     Normal  round 1 (per 2 minutes)

b. Data pertaining to carriage M1 or M1A1.


     Gun and carriage (firing position)  27,700 lb
     Gun and carriage (complete with accessories, traveling position)
          (M2 limber)  29,900 lb
          (M5 limber)  30,100 lb
Bogie  5,375 lb
Dimensions in traveling position, over-all: (with heavy carriage limber M2)
     Length  34 3/8 ft
     Width  98 7/8 in.
     Height  102 1/4 in.
Dimensions in traveling position, over-all: (with heavy carriage limber M5)
     Length  36 5/6 in.
     Width  98 7/8 in.
     Height  107 in.
Towed by (with limber)  M4 tractor, 18-ton, high speed
     (without limber) semi-trailed  Truck, 7 1/2 ton, 6 x 6, with semi-trailer
Recoil mechanism:
     Model  M3A1
     Maximum allowable recoil (approx)  70 in.
     Type of recoil mechanism  Hydraulic
     Type of counterrecoil mechanism  Hydropneumatic
     Weight  3,890 lb
Type of equilibrator  Pneumatic
     Type and size  11 x 20 std
     Type and size tubes  10 x 20 std
     Air pressure: bogie assembly tires (normal)  45 psi
     Air pressure: limber assembly tires (normal)  65 psi
Brakes, type  mechanical, air or manually operated
Wheel base of bogie  47 in.
Tread (center-to-center of inside bogie wheels)  62 in.
     (center-to-center of outside bogie wheels)  88 1/2 in.


Limits of elevation: 
     Maximum  63 deg 20 min
     Depression  minus 1 deg 50 min
Limits of traverse in degrees right or left  30 deg
Elevation per turn of handwheel in mils  13.10 mils
Diameter of circle of emplacement  37 ft
Traverse per turn of handwheel  10 mils


Recoil oil:     
     Reserve in replenisher (recoil) (normal)  1 1/5 pt
     Reserve in recuperator (counterrecoil)  2 pt

c. Data pertaining to 155-mm gun mount M13 (T14).


Mounted on gun motor carriage      M40
Recoil Mechanism  M21


Limits of elevation.     
     Maximum  45 deg
     Depression  minus 5 deg
Limits of traverse. 
     Right  18 deg
     Left  18 deg
     Total traverse  36 deg

d. Data pertaining to limbers M2 and M5.

       M2  M5
Width, over-all      95 3/4 in.      95 in.
Weight  2,000 lb  2,200 lb
     Type and size      11 x 20 std      11 x 20 std
     Type and size tubes  11 x 20 std  11 x 20 std

e. Data pertaining to sighting equipment.

Aiming post M1
Aiming post light M14
Gunner’s quadrant M1 or M1918
Panoramic telescope M12 or M5A5
Telescope mount M18A1
Quadrant mount M1
Instrument light M5
Instrument light M12
Instrument light M19

M2 155-mm Artillery Gun WWII U.S. Army 155-mm Gun M2 - World War 2 155-mm Gun M2 with Covers


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