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Coast Guards SPARS Video

Recruitment video for the Coast Guard SPARS:


Coast Guards SPARS

Coast Guard SPARS

50 reasons for being a Spar

Coast Guard SPAR UniformSPARS do 50 different kinds of important jobs at U.S. Coast Guard land stations from San Diego to Cape Cod. They receive the same pay and promotions as Coast Guardsmen and are only limited in their service by the decision of Congress that they must serve ashore and within the United States. About half of them are petty officers.

The Coast Guard is the smallest and most versatile of Uncle Sam’s four armed forces. More than half of its men—an amazingly high percentage—are now on sea duty outside the United States. Among other things they chauffeur those seagoing armored taxicabs in which men and material are moved to invasion beachheads. Grim business!

More Coast Guardsmen are needed for overseas duty. But some men cannot be shipped out of key shore jobs until SPARS take over. The time to he a SPAR is NOW.


Enlisted SPARS are:  American citizens . . . between the ages of 20 and 36 . . . without children younger than 18 . . . All SPARS pass prescribed physical tests and have vision in each eye correctable to 20-20 . . . They have two years of high school or business college.

Rail fare of qualified applicants is paid to the nearest recruiting office for physical examinations.

Officer qualifications are the same except: age 20-50 and education two years of college plus two of business or professional experience.

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