P-61 Black Widow Cockpit

P-61 Black Widow cockpit instrument diagrams from the Pilot Training Manual for the Black Widow, P-61, Office of Assistant Chief of Air Staff Training, Headquarters AAF, Washington, D.C.

p61-black-wido-cockpit-front-panelControls, Switches, Instruments (Front Panel)

1. Remote compass
2. Airspeed indicator
3. Rate of climb indicator
4. Altimeter
5. Turn and bank indicator
6. Gyro horizon
7. Dials of automatic pilot
8. Pilot’s gunsight
9. Manifold pressure indicator
10. Oil temperature indicator
11. Oil pressure indicator
12. Carburetor air temperature indicator
13. Lower cowl flaps control valves
14. Upper cowl flaps control valve
15. Clock
16. Tachometer
17. Cylinder head temperature indicator
18. Fuel pressure indicator
19. Wheel and flap position indicator
20. Fuel gage
21. Oil cooler flap indicator

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Increase in Night Fighter Armament of the Junkers 88

U.S. intelligence report and photographs of the Ju 88 night fighter ventral gondola armed with four 20mm guns, from Informational Intelligence Summary, No. 44-29, Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Intelligence, Washington, D.C., Sept. 20, 1944.


The previously-reported forward-firing of armament of the Ju 88 night fighter version was 3 x 7.9mm and 3 x 20mm guns. Two of the 20mm cannon were placed in a ventral gondola. In a night fighter recently captured in France this armament had been increased by the addition of two 20mm in a streamlined ventral gondola. Front and side views of the 4-cannon gondola appear as Figs. 6 and 7.

Ju 88 Night Fighter Ventral Gondola 20mm Cannon


P-61 Black Widow Guns

Northrop P-61 Black Widow Gunnery Equipment from P-61 Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions:

P-61 Black Widow Guns and Gunnery Equipment