Bombardier’s Kit

Bombardier's Kit and Tools


The bombardier’s kit is a cloth case containing computers, tables, and pertinent working materials for use in maintaining bombing records and calculations. It is provided for every student and graduate bombardier through regular supply channels.

It includes: C-2, G-1, J-1, and E-6B computers; set of dropping angle charts for use with E-6B computer; stop watch and wrist watch; pen-type flashlight; bombing flight record holder, tools; drafting pencils; eraser, dividers; Weems plotter; parallel rule; transparent triangles; bombing tables.

REFERENCE: Technical Order 00-30-38-2.

Source: Bombardiers’ Information File, U.S. War Department, March 1945.

1/72nd Snap Together Panther Kit

Recenlt announced 1/72nd-scale snap-together kit from Zvezda of the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf. D.

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Emergency Vest

From Bombardiers’ Information File, U.S. War Department, March 1945:

Vest Type Emergency Kit

Vest Type Emergency Kit

The following items of equipment are carried in the packets of the vest:
  1 hat (yellow on one side, OD on the other)
  1 pair polaroid sun goggles
  1 signal mirror, with lanyard
  1 sharpening stone
  1 fishing-sewing kit, in plastic container
  1 collapsible spit and gaff
  1 plastic water canteen (3-pint capacity)
  1 Boy Scout knife
  1 large knife (with 5-inch saw and blade)
  1 package toilet tissue
10 yds bandage (with sulfa powder)
  1 waterproof match-box with compass
20 matches
14 fire starting tabs
  1 burning glass
  1 signal whistle
  1 oil container
  1 waterproof cover for .45 cal. pistol
20 .45 cal. shot cartridges
  1 First Aid Kit
  1 Survival manual
  2 vest-kit rations in tin containers
  2 five-minute signal flares
  1 mosquito headnet
  1 collapsible container for boiling water
  1 pair woolen insert gloves
  1 pair leather outer gloves
Vest, Emergency Sustenance, Type C-1 was developed for the use of each crew member of an airplane forced down in isolated regions. It consists of an adjustable vest-like garment, fitted with pockets into which the items of the kit are conveniently stowed. The vest is to be worn under the life preserver vest and parachute.

PROTECT YOURSELF: Before taking off on a flight over inaccessible or mountainous country, the Arctic, jungle, desert, or ocean, check your vest and be sure it contains all the necessary equipment. If it does not, check with your Personal Equipment Officer.