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K-14 Gyroscopic Gunsight

The following operating instructions for the K-14 Gyroscopic Gunsight are reproduced from the Pilot Training Manual for the Thunderbolt P-47N, Headquarters, Army Air Forces, September 1945.

K-14 Gyroscopic Gunsight

As you adjust the K-14 gyroscope gunsight, it automatically gives you the correct lead and shows you the range of the target. In other words, it’s the answer to a poor deflection shooter’s prayer.

Though exceedingly complicated internally, the sight is easy to operate with a little practice.

Actually, the K-14 contains 2 sights: The compensating sight, and an ordinary fixed electrical sight. In the fixed sight, a cross has been substituted for the pipper.

The fixed sight, may be used alone, but ordinarily the cross is employed (with the ring extinguished) to show the amount of lead the gyro sight is allowing.

The gyro sight consists of a dot surrounded by six small diamonds. Your problem is to place the dot squarely on an enemy plane by maneuvering your Thunderbolt, and keep him properly surrounded by the six diamonds until you shoot him down.

Here’s how you do it:

On the front of the device is a span scale, reading 30 to 120 feet. Set this scale to the wing span of the enemy plane. It’s a good idea to leave it set at the wing span of the enemy plane you’re likely to encounter. This forethought might save a couple of seconds at a critical time.

In case your aircraft identification is feeble, set the wing span as shown:

Target Size Gunsight

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