M25 40-ton Tank Transporter Truck-Trailer

Description and performance data for the M26 armored tractor from TM 9-767: 40-Ton Tank Transporter Truck-Trailer M25, War Department Technical Manual, U.S. War Department, February 1944. The M25 Tank Transporter, nicknamed the “Dragon Wagon,” was a heavy tank transporter and tank recovery vehicle used by the U.S. Army during World War II.



a. The 40-ton, Tank Transporter Truck-trailer M25 is designed for use in recovering a piece of damaged materiel and transporting it to a place where necessary repairs can be accomplished. The M25 unit consists of the tractor truck (M26) and semitrailer (M15), the semitrailer being coupled to the tractor by means of a fifth wheel on the tractor, which automatically locks the trailer to the tractor. Air brakes on the trailer wheels and lighting equipment on the trailer are connected to the tractor air and lighting systems by means of air hose and a jumper cable (carried on the trailer). The trailer air brakes and lights are controlled by the driver of the tractor. The trailer air brakes are automatically set in case the trailer is accidentally, or purposely, disconnected from the tractor.


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