Buckingham I Aircraft Recognition

Buckingham I aircraft recognition from “Antiaircraft Artillery Notes,” No. 6, November 28, 1944.

Subject: Aircraft Recognition
Source: AA Section, Headquarters, Twelfth Army Group.

a. A new type medium bomber, the BUCKINGHAM I, is just becoming operational with the RAF. All AAA gunners in the Theater should be on the lookout for this aircraft.

b. The following information is available on the BUCKINGHAM I:

(1) Type: Twin-engine medium bomber (British).
(2) Manufacturer: Bristol.
(3) Engines: Two Bristol Centaurus.
(4) Wing span: 71′ 0″.
(5) Length: 46′ 6″.
(6) Armament: Forward – 4 x .303
                    Top – 4 x .303
                    Bottom – 2 x .303
(7) Description:

(a) Head on view – A flat mid-wing monoplane, with rectangular shaped fuselage. Two engines, underslung. Dual fin and rudder, outboard of engine nacelles.

(b) Plan view – Two engine nacelles extending almost as far forward as nose of aircraft. Nacelles protrude beyond trailing-edge of wing slightly. Wing is swept back and slightly tapered with rounded tips. Tailplane is long, straight, with square tips.

(c) Side view – Top and underside line of fuselage broken with gun blisters. Oval-shaped fin and rudder.

c. Silhouette views of BUCKINGHAM I are shown in Incl. 1.

Bristol Buckingham Aircraft