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EagleCals Covers the B-25J Strafer and He 219

Recent decal releases from EagleCals cover the B-25J Strafer and He 219.

B-25J 345th BG Air ApachesEC#145-32 and EC#145-48
B-25J 345th BG Air Apaches: “Fatso” B-25J-22; “199” B-25J-11; and “Betty’s Dream” B-25J-32.
He 219 UhuEC#147-32 and EC#147-48
He 219s: He 219 A-0 G9+FK flown by night Ace Hptm. Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow; He 219 A-2 D5+BL, W.Nr. 290126; and He 219 A-7 W.Nr. 390193.