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Route of the Ghost Corps

Route of the U.S. XX Corps (20th Corps) and Divisions Commanded.

Route Map of the U.S. XX Corps - Ghost Corps - in WW2

Divisions Commanded by the U.S. XX Corps in 1944-1945 during WW2

Source: The Ghost Corps thru Hell and High Water, U.S. Army, XX Corps, 1945.

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3 comments to Route of the Ghost Corps

  • barbara bruning-ensminger

    i recently came across the ghost corps booklet in my late fathers possessions. i’m fascinated by what i’ve read. i’ve never heard of this special group of men. on the inside cover is a note stating ” for personal use only not for publication.” this is a truly remarkable piece of history.

  • David Gibbs

    I have in my possession a map, it is in French, it is the march of the ghost corp XX across France. It shows the start in England on 18 July 1944 and shows ending in Verdun on 02 Sept 1944. There are 12 officers and 55 enlisted men named on the map, it was the 4th tank destroyer group under the command of Col S.R. Browning. It has a stamp on the lower left corner: Pass for publication 25 Oct 1944, Field Press Censor. It shows the various other organizations that marched with them and when the left. As Barbara above says this is a very nice piece of American history from WW2.

  • Patrick Newby

    David Gibbs- my grandfather never spoke much about his service, but he used to talk sometimes about marching across France and Germany. Recently among his things I’ve found a nazi arm band and a XX Corps patch. My uncle also believes at some point he was involved in the liberation. Could we talk about the names you have on your map?