PBY Catalina Anchor

Crew instructions for use of the anchor on the Consolidated PBY Catalina flying boat from Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions, Navy Model PBY-5A Airplanes, U.S. Army Air Forces, August 1945.

PBY Catalina Flying Boat Anchor



(a) Fit float gear hand crank into anchor reel socket on port side of bomber’s compartment. Station one man here to operate crank.

(b) Detail second man, equipped with safety belt, to outside of ship to perform following operations:

(c) Open door of anchor box at latch in up position with webbing strap and dot fastener provided.

(d) Hook safety belt in forward snap, facing aft.

(e) Take out anchor. Set it upside down on walk rail in handhole slot.

(f) Unfold anchor while in upside-down position.

(g) Place anchor cable in guide eye in walk rail.

(h) Drop anchor overboard. (Man inside must release ratchet of reel.)

(i) When anchor hits bottom, release pendant from stowage and secure clamp to anchor cable. Throw pendant overboard and slack off anchor cable until pendant cable is taking pull of the anchor line.

(j) Man inside must secure anchor reel with latch.


(a) Break out anchor by overrunning with engines. Be sure to maneuver in such a way as to keep tension on pendant, being careful not to allow tension to be taken by anchor line or reel.

(b) When anchor is free, reel in anchor line until pendant clamp can be removed. Stow pendant, clamp and lizard with strap provided in anchor box.

(c) Reel in anchor until cop of anchor is level with the water.

(d) Use safety belt in same position as before.

(e) Reach below walk rail and disengage cable from guide eye.

(f) Set anchor in upside down position on walk rail.

(g) Unlock and fold anchor.

(h) Stow anchor in anchor box with cable end of shank pointing forward.

(i) Close and latch door of anchor box.


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  • Iona Barr

    Hi, we have a Catalina anchor which we used for many years as a second anchor on our 85 year old motor yacht “Silver Strand”. This is on the West Coast of Scotland. I don’t know how we acquired the anchor. I think my grandfather must have bought it after the war. It is a fantastic anchor.