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Panzer Wallpaper for iPad/iPhone

Panzer wallpaper for use as iPad/iPhone backgrounds — U.S. Air Force photographs from WWII showing destroyed German panzers in Europe.

Panther Tank Panzer Wallpaper Apple iPad iPhone Panther Tank Battle of the Bulge Wallpaper German WW2 Flakpanzer IV Panzer Tank Cologne Germany Stug III Assault Gun Wallpaper Tiger Tank iPad Wallpaper World War II iPad Wallpaper - German Army Tank World War 2 Tank iPad Wallpaper

Click on any wallpaper thumbnail to download the large 1024 x 1024 pixel image.

Instructions to save an image as wallpaper on the iPad:
• Step 1: When browsing the Internet in Safari on the iPad, simply press and hold on an image and a menu will appear to save the image in “Saved Photos” on your iPad.
• Step 2: On your iPad home screen or desktop, open “Settings” and then choose “Brightness & Wallpaper.” Touch that to open it, and a “Wallpaper” box will appear. Click on the “Wallpaper” box to select images from your “Saved Photos”.

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