P-38 “Georgia Peach II”

A U.S. Air Force black-and-white photograph of a silhouette of the Lockheed P-38 “Georgia Peach II” in flight over Panama during WWII.

Lockheed P-38 Lightning Georgia Peach II over Panama

(U.S. Air Force Photograph)


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7 comments to P-38 “Georgia Peach II”

  • Colby Karr

    My grandfather served in Panama at Howard Field in WWII. He was a crew chief in the 51st Fighter Squadron. His plane was the “Double Bourbon”, it was a a P-38L Lightning. I have lots of photos from the Canal Zone and I believe I have a photo of a P-38 named the Georgia Peach.

    Please contact me if you would like to discuss.

  • Colby Karr

    Looking Closer at this photo I recognize the tail design which is a Circle S. These tail designs were indicative of XXVI Fighter Command in the Canal Zone. The Circle S indicates this plane is in the 51st Fighter Squadron which was the “Battlin Billygoats”, stationed at Howard Field Panama CZ. You can also see the Billygoat insignia just above the text Peach on the nose of the plane.

    This was my grandfathers squadron as well. I indeed have a photo of this plane parked beside my grandfather’s P-38. Notice the battle number on the engine. Its 46, my grandfather’s plane was 47. I knew I had seen the nose art before. I have a great photos with my grandad standing in front of his plane with Georgia Peach II in the background. Here is a link to the photo I speak of. I have the originals. Do you have any links to this plane or this unit? Or any other photos?


  • Alan

    P-38 , the real Cadillac of the sky.

  • Chris Hammerbeck

    This is a great picture, of a great plane, from an often forgotten theater. Thanks for posting. I’ve only started to research this theater recently but quite interested in the things I’m finding and would love to see additional Canal Zone photos if you have them. I’ve seen Colby’s post on the USAAF forum so I know he does. Hopefully I can connect with the two of you in the future.

  • Colby, did you ever get any additional 51 FS info? I’m researching the 28 FS, also of 6th AF, XXVII Fighter Command. I’d love to see more of your photos. Also, you probably know this, but you may want to reference Dan Hagedorn’s book Alae Supra Canalem: Wings Over the Canal. Lots of info on the 51st in the book, but no pilot roster like you’re looking for. I have a used copy of the book, and based on the hand-written notes on some of the pages, it looks to me like it was pre-owned by a 51st P-38 pilot. Good luck, and i hope to contact you if you’re still working on this topic.

  • George Bitzer

    My name is George Bitzer and this will be the second time I have tried to locate the people above. Dear Carter, Colby, Alan, Chris, and Chris, I am writing a thesis regarding some 57 P-38s built by Consolidated-Vultee and what happened to them at the end of the war. I feel any information to identify the aircraft at the various Air Bases, Howard, Albrook, and France Fields would be interesting reading and helpful for the thesis. I am a graduate student at Middle Tennessee State University Aerospace Department. The following tail-numbers are presently interesting to my project. P-38L-5-VN #43-50251 through #43-50318. Hope to hear from one or more of you. bitzerg@tds.net