P-38 Flight Characteristics

WWII color training film produced by Lockheed describing the P-38 Lightning. The film shows operating characteristics of the P-38, demonstrates techniques for takeoff, landing, and combat flying, and shows operating controls and procedures.


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3 comments to P-38 Flight Characteristics

  • Pat Flannery

    I note by the time this got made, the “letting the vacuum suck you out of the plane” escape technique wasn’t being recommended anymore.
    The animation was interesting; I imagine that’s just what a new instrument panel looks like to a trainee pilot!

  • devil wing

    Good page, I have been looking for something like this

  • Joseph Williams

    My Grandson and I are just starting to build a 1:48 scale P38 kit from Monogram Models. I thought it would be cool to look up some pictures and other info regarding this Great Warbird. We came across this site with all the info and the training video and was just blown away.. Absolutely awesome as we enjoyed it very much. Great work putting it all together and we thank you for doing so. Keep up the great work…
    Sincerely, JC Williams & Cayden.. Cloverdale CA..