Ordnance Assembly of Crated Trucks

Ordnance WW2 Mediterranean Theater Operations The following pictures of uncrating and assembly of GMC CCKW trucks appeared in Ordnance Activities in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations, November 1942 – June 1945 published by the Ordnance Department. The GMC CCKW 2½ ton 6×6 cargo truck was typically shipped in crates as shown below, and assembled by Ordnance personnel in theater.

Through North Africa, Sicily, and Italy, the Ordnance Service successfully supported the Allied forces as they slugged their way to victory in the MTO. In two and one half years of Ordnance Service in MTOUSA, the shops repaired 1,307,382 small arms; renovated 249,979 rounds of artillery ammunition; assembled 126,669 vehicles and did repair work on 341,048 vehicles of all types; repaired 247,242 pieces of artillery; and repaired 846,863 tires. Ordnance provided critical transportation throughout the theater, and the unpacking and assembly of crated trucks was a key part of that effort.

GMC CCKW 2½ ton Truck Crated WW2

This is how a 2½ ton truck is received in case you didn't know.

GMC CCKW 2 1/2 ton Truck Begins to Take Shape in WW2 Ordnance Center

A GMC begins to take shape.

WW2 Ordnance Final Assembly of GMC CCKW Truck

As the body goes onto the chassis, and after it has had a test run, another truck will be ready for issue to the using arms.


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