New Airplane Insignia

Introduction of new aircraft insignia by the U.S. Navy and Army in WWII from Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin, NAVPERS, August 1943:

New Aircraft InsigniaThis is the new airplane insignia adopted by the U.S. Navy and Army after much experimenting. The old insignia, consisting of a white star in a circular field of blue, and also the red dot of Japan and the black cross of Germany, were found to resolve into invisibility at the same distance from the eye. As they came closer, all appeared in the form of a dot. The new marking consists of the white star in the field of blue, with the addition of a white rectangle attached horizontally at the right and left of the circle, plus a red border enclosing the entire device. At a greater distance the new marking will maintain the shape of a long, narrow bar, making confusion with the enemy less likely. Navy and Army planes over the world will switch immediately.


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