Mobile Training

A mobile training unit instructs B-17 crew and ground crew in the servicing of the B-17 oxygen system at a U.S. base in England in 1944. The veteran B-17 Flying Fortress “Flak Alley Lil” of the 305th BG is parked in the background. (U.S. Air Force Photo.)

Mobile Training

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3 comments to Mobile Training

  • P.J.

    My Dad did some work like that back in the war days. He had some pictures in his scrapbooks of technical vans like that.

  • x|Shot|x

    Nice nose art on the 17.

  • j kieschnick

    Ihave a picture of my dad beside his b17 ‘FLAK ALLEY LIL’ The nose art is not the same. whats up Where there 2 flak alley lils?