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Kitsworld B-25 Decals

Kitsworld has announced the January 2011 release of several new 1/32nd scale B-25 Mitchell decal sheets.

Kitsworld “B-25J Mitchell” 1/32 Scale Decal Sheets:
• B-25J 447th BS, 321st BG “Meet Mrs Runyon” – “Big Jamoke”
• B-25J 447th BS, 321st BG “Ave Maria” – “Reddie Teddie”
• B-25J 486th BS, 340th BG “Bottoms Up II” – 489th BS 340th BG “Ruthie”
• B-25J 489th BS, 340th BG “That’s All Brother” – 489th BS 340th BG “Briefing Time”

447th BS 321st BG -- B-25J Mitchell Nose Art -- Mrs Runyon and Big Jamoke 447th BS 321st BS - Ave Maria and Reddie Teddie Nose Art 486th BS 340th BG, Bottoms Up, Ruthie - B-25J Nose Art B-25J Mitchell, Thats All Brother, Briefing Time Nose Art

Kitsworld also announced they will be up-scaling many of their B-17 decal sets to 1/32nd scale for the upcoming release of the Wingscales 1/32nd B-17G Flying Fortress planned for August 2011.

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