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Japanese Plane Names Are Given

Japanese Plane Names Are Given
Navy, Army Adopt Title Listing

The Navy and Army have adopted an official list of designations for Japanese military planes. Fighters carry men’s names, bombers are named after women, as are flying boats, while reconnaissance aircraft carry both men’s and women’s names. The list follows


Nickname   —   Type
CLAUDE   —   Single engine fighter
NATE   —   Single engine fighter
HAMP   —   Single engine fighter
OSCAR   —   Single engine fighter
RUFE   —   Single engine floatplane fighter
NICK   —   Twin engine fighter
TOJO   —   Single engine fighter
TONY   —   Single engine fighter


NELL   —   Twin engine bomber-reconnaissance
SALLY   —   Twin engine medium bomber
HELEN   —   Twin engine bomber
KATE   —   Single engine medium bomber
VAL   —   Single engine dive bomber
LILY   —   Twin engine light bomber
JILL   —   Single engine torpedo bomber
IDA   —   Single engine bomber-reconnaissance
BABS   —   Single engine bomber-reconnaissance
SONIA   —   Single engine bomber-reconnaissance
MARY   —   Single engine light bomber
LIZ   —   Heavy bomber


DINAH   —   Twin engine reconnaissance
JUDY   —   Single engine reconnaissance
ALF   —   Single engine floatplane reconnaissance
DAVE   —   Single engine floatplane reconnaissance
SLIM   —   Single engine floatplane reconnaissance
PETE   —   Single engine floatplane reconnaissance
GLEN   —   Single engine floatplane reconnaissance
JAKE   —   Single engine floatplane reconnaissance


MAVIS   —   Four engine flying boat
CHERRY   —   Twin engine flying boat
EMILY   —   Four engine flying boat


TESS   —   Single engine transport
TOPSY   —   Twin engine transport
THELMA   —   Single engine transport

Source: Naval Aviation News, June 1944.

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