Italian Navy Ship Silhouettes

The following simplified Italian ship silhouettes show the profiles and relative sizes of the various classes of battleships, cruisers, and destroyers in the Italian Navy in WWII. The silhouettes are taken from the U.S. Navy manual FM 30-50: Recognition Pictorial Manual of Naval Vessels.

WW2 Italian Navy Ship Silhouettes

From top to bottom, ships shown are

  • Battleships-BB: Littorio Class; Cavour Class; Doria Class
  • Heavy Cruisers-CA: Bolzano; Gorizia
  • Light Cruisers-CL: Montecuccoli Class; Garibaldi Class; Luigi Class; Regolo Class
  • Destroyers-DD: Navigatore Class; Turbine Class; Spica Class; Grecale-Aviere Class

Source: FM 30-50: Recognition Pictorial Manual of Naval Vessels, U.S. Navy Department, September 1943.

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