Guardians of the Sky

“Guardians of the Sky” from C.I.C. (Combat Information Center), U.S. Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Vol. I, No. 6, August 1944.

Guardians of the Sky

Air Defense Control Center

An enemy raid is being tracked on the display plot in this "action shot" of an Air Defense Control Center at Bougainville. Liaison officers have alerted the base. Island and Air Command, AA Batteries, and ADCC's of other bases and ships. The Fighter Director Officer has assigned the raid to an intercept officer (not in the picture) who, from an intercept table or PPI, is vectoring fighters to intercept the raid.

Air Combat Intelligence Officer

An Air Combat Intelligence officer briefs the pilots before they go out on a mission. Their tense attitude shows that they know from experience how vital is the information which he is giving them on landmarks, radar evasion, enemy opposition to be expected, weather conditions enroute, communications procedures, and plan of attack.


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