Cavalry Reconnaissance Antiaircraft Weapons

Antiaircraft security while moving: from Cavalry Field Manual FM 2-30: Cavalry Mechanized Reconnaissance Squadron, U.S. War Department, March 1943.

SECURITY — While Moving. Antiaircraft weapons in all elements of the squadron are alerted for antiaircraft fire at all times. Whenever overhead cover is available, units will attempt to escape detection by concealment. When observed and attacked by hostile aircraft, all possible small-arms fire should be brought to bear on the attackers. If aerial threat develops during operations in open country, the best security is effected by dispersion of vehicles, off the road, if possible, or by extending the column to increase the distance between vehicles. Columns with a distance of from 200 to 300 yards between vehicles present an unremunerative target because they force airplanes to attack each vehicle separately.

Jeep Antiaircraft Machine Gun -- Wrong

(1) Wrong

Jeep Antiaircraft Machine Gun -- Right

(2) Right

FIGURE 10.–Antiaircraft weapons are alerted for antiaircraft fire at all times.


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