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B-17H Search and Rescue Flying Fortress

B-17H search and rescue variant of the Flying Fortress showing additional radar and rescue boat. This B-17H of the 6th Emergency Rescue Squadron was photographed at Floridablanca Airfield, Luzon, Philippine Islands in June 1945. (U.S. Air Force Photo)

B-17H Flying Fortress Search and Rescue SB-17G with Radar and Boat

U.S. Air Force Photo


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2 comments to B-17H Search and Rescue Flying Fortress

  • Pat Flannery

    IIRC, those stayed in service for a considerable number of years after the war.
    The droppable boat could be radio-controlled from the aircraft to steer it over to downed airmen in the water.

  • Thane Thomas

    Dear Dad, Harold, served on those craft with the 6th ERS out of Luzon… I must thank you for sharing this info with us.