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German Infantry Weapons
Military Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 14, May 25, 1943
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a. General

Caliber 7.92-mm ammunition is standard for German rifles and machine guns (see figs. 103 to 114, incl.). Various types of this ammunition are used for special purposes. The modifications are made in the size and character of the bullet, the cartridge case being the same for all of the various types. The case is a rimless bottleneck case, much like the U.S. caliber .30 case but somewhat shorter.

b. Patr. s. S.

Patr. s. S. (Patronen schweres Spitzgeschoss) (fig. 103) is the heavy, pointed ball ammunition. This is the standard rifle and machine-gun ball round, having a heavy, pointed bolt-tail bullet consisting of a lead core and a steel jacket coated with gilding metal.

This ammunition is identified by its green primer seat.

c. Patr. S. m. K.

Patr. S. m. K. (Patronen Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern) (fig. 104) is the cartridge with a steel-core, pointed bullet. This type of ammunition has a steel core and a feed sleeve with a steel jacket that is coated with gilding metal.

This ammunition is identified by its red primer seat.

d. Patr. S. m. K. L'Spur

Patr. S. m. K. L'Spur (Patron en Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern und Leuchtspur) (fig. 105) is the cartridge with a pointed armor-piercing bullet and tracer.

This ammunition is identified by the red coloring on its primer seat and a black-tipped bullet.

[Figures 103, 104 and 105.]
Figure 103.—Heavy, pointed ball (Patronen schweres Spitzgeschoss).
Figure 104.—Armor-piercing (Patronen Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern).
Figure 105.—Armor-piercing tracer (Patronen Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern und Leuchtspur).

e. Patr. S. m. K. (H)

Patr. S. m. K. (H) (Patronen Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern gerhärtet) (fig. 106) is a cartridge with a pointed, armor-piercing (tungsten carbide core) bullet.

This ammunition may be identified by the red primer and the red base of the clip, and a black bullet. Earlier issues had a plain uncolored bullet but did have the red primer.

f. Patr. l. S.

Patr. l. S. (Patronen leichtes Spitzgeschoss) (fig. 107) is similar to the Patr. s. S. heavy, pointed ball ammunition, except that instead of a lead core the core is of aluminum. This decreases the range, and German documents state that this type of ammunition is used for antiaircraft practice only.

This ammunition is identified by a green band around the base of the cartridge case.

g. Patr. l. S. L'Spur

Patr. l. S. L'Spur (Patrone leichtes Spitzgeschoss mit Leuchtspur) (fig. 108) is a cartridge with a light, tracer bullet. According to German manuals, these cartridges are used only for antiaircraft practice.

This ammunition is identified by the green band around the base of the cartridge case and by the black-tipped bullet.

[Figures 106, 107 and 108.]
Figure 106.—Super-armor-piercing with tungsten carbide core (Patronen Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern gehärtet).
Figure 107.—Light ball, special practice (Patronen leichtes Spitzgeschoss).
Figure 108.—Practice tracer (Patronen leichtes Spitzgeschoss mit Leuchtspur).

h. Patr. S. m. E.

Patr. S. m. E. (Patronen Spitzgeschoss mit Eisenkern) (fig. 109) is a semi-armor-piercing cartridge with an iron or mild-steel core and pointed bullet.

This ammunition is identified by the blue color on its primer seat.

i. Patr. P. m. K.

Patr. P. m. K. (Patronen Phospor mit Stahlkern) (fig. 110) is an incendiary armor-piercing cartridge with a standard case. It is said to be used only against aircraft. It has a steel core, and a phosphorus charge in the base cavity.

This ammunition is identified by the black or red color of its primer seat; it may have a red band across the base.

j. B. Patr.

B. Patr. (Beobachtungsgeschoss Patronen) (fig. 111) is an observation bullet containing a smoke producer and explosive, and is said to be used only in peacetime firing for checking ranges.

This ammunition is identified in earlier issues by its chromium-tipped bullet, and in later issues by a bullet painted black (except for the tip).

[Figures 109, 110 and 111.]
Figure 109.—Semi-armor-piercing (Patronen Spitzgeschoss mit Eisenkern).
Figure 110.—Armor-piercing incendiary (Patronen Phospor mit Stahlkern). (The bullet is black or red in the primer seat, or has a red band across the base.)
Figure 111.—Observation (explosive) bullet (Beobachtungsgeschoss Patronen). (The bullet is black except for the tip; early issues have chromium-plated tip only.)

[Figure 112. Dummy cartridges (Exerzierpatronen).]
Figure 112.—Dummy cartridges (Exerzierpatronen).

[Figures 113 and 114.]
Figure 113.—Blank cartridge (Platz-Patrone 88).
Figure 114.—Cross section of ball cartridge (scharfe Patrone S.).


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