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German Infantry Weapons
Military Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 14, May 25, 1943
[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from a WWII U.S. War Department Special Series publication. As with all wartime intelligence information, data may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the text. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]


aus    out
Beobachtungsgeschoss Patroneobservation (explosive) bullet
Dauerfeuer (D)continuous fire, sustained fire
Ersatzstücke (E)spare parts, replacements
Exerzierpatronedrill cartridge (dummy or blank cartridge)
Feuer (F)fire
geballte Ladungconcentrated charge, pole charge
gehärtet (H)hardened (tungsten carbide core)
gesichertmade safe ("safed")
Eierhandgranateegg-type hand grenade
Ladestreifenclips, rifle magazine clips
Ladungcharge, propelling charge, load
leichter Granatwerfer (l.Gr.W.)light mortar
Leuchtspur (L'Spur)tracer
Maschinengewehr (M.G.)machine gun
Nebel (N)smoke
Nebelhandgranatesmoke hand grenade
Parabellumtrade name of 9-mm German pistol ammunition
Patrone (Patr.)cartridge, semi-fixed shell; round of ammunition
Patrone leichtes Spitzgeschoss (Patr. l. S.)heavy, pointed ball ammunition with core of aluminum
Patrone mit Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern (Patr. S. m. K.)cartridge with steel-core, point-ed bullet
Patrone schweres Spitzgeschoss (Patr. s. S.)heavy, pointed ball ammunition
Patrone schweres Spitzgeschoss mit Leuchtspur (Patr. s. S. L'Spur)cartridge with heavy tracer bullet
Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Eisenkern (Patr. S. m. E.)cartridge with iron or mild steel-core, pointed bullet
Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern (gehärtet) (Patr. S. m. K. (H))cartridge with pointed, armor-piercing (tungsten carbide core) bullet
Patrone Phosphor mit Stahlkern (Patr. P. m. K.)incendiary armor-piercing cartridge case
Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern (Patr. S. m. K.)round cartridge with steel-core, pointed bullet
Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern und Leuchtspur (Patr. S. m. K. L'Spur)cartridge with pointed, armor-piercing bullet and tracer
Pistolenpatronepistol cartridge
Rundblickfernrohrpanoramic sight
schweres Infanteriegeschütz (s.G.)heavy infantry gun
sicher (S)safe
Spitzgeschosspointed bullet
Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern (S. m. K.)pointed bullet with steel core
stahl (St)steel
Stielhandgranate (Stielhandgranate 24)stick hand grenade (hand grenade, model 24)
Stielhandgranate PH 39stick hand grenade, model PH 39
Tankbüchseantitank rifle (model 35) (Polish)
Zünder (Z)fuze

1 This is a list of the German words used in the text. For an extensive German military dictionary see TM 30-255, "Military Dictionary, English-German, German-English" (Aug. 5, 1941).

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