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German Infantry Weapons
Military Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 14, May 25, 1943
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a. Pist. Patr. 08, Pist. Patr. 08 für M.P., or Pist. Patr. 9 mm.

The above-named pistol ammunition types are all standard ball ammunition for German pistols and submachine guns. Each type consists of a rimless cartridge case and a round-nosed bullet. The bullet has a lead core, and a steel jacket with a copper or gilding metal coating to cut down wear on the rifling. This ammunition may be identified by the label reading: Pist. Patr. 08, Pist. Patr. 08 für M.P., or Pistol Patr. 9 mm (P) (of Polish manufacture). The primer seat is colored black.

b. Pist. Patr. 08 S. m. E.

The cartridge case of this standard 9-mm semi-armor-piercing ammunition is the same as the ball ammunition, but the bullet has an iron or mild-steel core and a steel jacket. This ammunition may be identified by the black coloring of the bullet.

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