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German Infantry Weapons
Military Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 14, May 25, 1943
[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from a WWII U.S. War Department Special Series publication. As with all wartime intelligence information, data may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the text. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]


Al.   Aluminum   indicates inclusion of a granular aluminum flash composition in filling of shell
Az. or A.Z.Aufschlagzünderpercussion fuze
Bd. ZBodenzünderbase percussion fuze; base detonator fuze
B. Patr.Patrone mit Beobachtungs Geschoss an observation bullet containing a smoke producer and explosive
DDauerfeuersustained fire
Digl. Bl. P.Diglykolnitrat Blattchen Pulver.diglycolnitrate flaked powder
Dopp. Z. (S/60) Doppelzünder (60 Sek. unden Brennlänge) combination fuze (60 seconds burning time)
D.Z.Druckzünderpressure fuse, pressure igniter
EErsatzstückespare parts, replacements
Ex.Exerzierdummy (used to indicate dummy or practice ammunition)
FlakFlugabwehrkanoneantiaircraft gun
GeschGeschossprojectile, bullet
H. or 'Hgehärtethardened (tungsten carbide core)
I. G.Infanteriegeschützinfantry gun
Igr.Infanteriegranateinfantry grenade
I.Gr.Z. (s.I.Gr.Z.) Infanteriegranatz zünder (schwerer Infanteriegranatz zünder) infantry grenade fuze (heavy infantry grenade fuze) 
i.L.in Ladestreifenin clips (rifle)
Kar. 98BKarbiner 98Bcarbine 98B
Kar. 98KKarbiner 98 kurzshort carbine 98
Kart.Kartatschecase shot; canister shot (semi-fixed ammunition)
LLadungcharge, propelling charge, load
l.F.H.leichte Feldhaubitzelight field howitzer
l.Geb.I.G.leichtes Gebirgsinfanteriegeschützlight mountain infantry howitzer
l.Gr.Wleichter Granatwerferlight mortar
l.I.G.leichtes Infanteriegeschützlight infantry gun (howitzer)
l.S.leichtes Spitzgeschosslight weight, pointed bullet
MMark, Modellmodel
M.G.Maschinengewehrmachine gun
Mod.Modellpattern, model
M.P.Maschinenpistolemachine pistol, submachine gun
m.V.mit Verzögerungwith delay action (fuze)
NNebelsmoke, fog (used to designate gas as well as smoke)
n.A.neuer Artnew type
Nb.Nebelsmoke, fog
Ngl.Bl.P. Nitroglyzerin-Blättchenpulver nitroglycerine, flaked powder
Nz.Gew.Bl.P. Nitrozellulose Gewehr Blättchenpulver nitrocellulose rifle powder (flaked)
o.L.ohne Ladestreifenwithout clips; not in clips
o.V.ohne Verzögerungwithout delay, instantaneous
PakPanzerabwehrkanoneantitank gun
Patr.Patronecartridge; semi-fixed shell; round of ammunition
Patrh.S.Patronenhülse-Stahlbrass cartridge case
Patr. l.S.Patrone leichtes Spitzgeschosslight, pointed ball ammunition with core of aluminum
Patr. P.m.K. Patrone Phospor mit Stahlkernincendiary armor-piercing cartridge with steel core
Patr. S.m.E. Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Eisenkernsteel-core, pointed bullet cartridge with iron or mild
Patr. S.m.K. Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkerncartridge with steel-core, pointed bullet
Patr. S.m.K.H. Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern gehärtetcartridge with pointed armor-piercing (tungsten carbide core) bullet
Patr. S.m.K. L'Spur Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern und Leuchtspurcartridge with pointed armor-piercing bullet and tracer
Patr. s.S. Patrone schweres Spitzgeschossheavy, pointed ball ammunition
Patr. s.S. L'Spur  Patrone schweres Spitzgeschoss mit Leuchtspurcartridge with heavy tracer bullet
Patr. 318 S.m.K. Patrone 318 Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkerncartridge 318, bullet with steel core
Patr. 318 S.m.K.(H) Patrone 318 Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern gehärtetcartridge 318, bullet with hardened steel core
Patr. 318 (P) Patronen 318 PolnischPolish cartridge No. 318
Pist. Patr.Pistolpatronepistol cartridge
Pz.Panzerarmor, armor-plate
Pz.B.Panzerbüchseantitank rifle
Pzgr.Panzergranatearmor-piercing shell
Rbl.F.Rundblickfernrohrpanoramic sight
Rdf.Rheindorfan arsenal
RhRheinmetalarms manufacturing company
Rs.Reizstoffirritant gas
s.schwererheavy, medium (artillery)
S* manufacturer's mark for brass cartridge case (72% copper and 28% zinc)
S 274, 222, etc. manufacturer's mark for a type of alloy
s.F.H.schwere Feldhaubitzeheavy (medium) field howitzer
s.Gr.W.schwerer Granatenwerferheavy mortar
s.I.G.schweres Infanteriegeschützheavy infantry gun (howitzer)
S.Inf.G.schweres Infanteriegeschützheavy infantry gun (howitzer)
S.K.Schnellfeuerkanonerapid-fire cannon
S.K.D.Selve-Kornbegel-Dornheim, A. G.small-arms ammunition factory
S.m.K.Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkernpointed bullet with steel core
S.m.K.(H)Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern gehärtetsuper armor-piercing bullet with hardened steel core
S.m.K. L'Spur  Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern und Leuchtspurpointed bullet with steel core and tracer effect
Spgr.Sprenggranatehigh-explosive shell
St.Stahlmark for steel cartridge
Ub.Ubungsmunitionpractice ammunition
Wgr.Werfergranatemortar shell
Wgr.Z.Werfergranatzundermortar shell fuze
Zdlg.Zundladungprimer charge
Zdh:88Zundhütchen 88primer capsule 88

1 This is a list of German abbreviations used in the text. For an extensive dictionary of German military abbreviations, see MIS, Special Series, No. 12, "German Military Abbreviations" (April 5, 1943).

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