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Archive: April 2006

Tom Brokaw Named Honorary Chairman of Institute on WWII
Tom Brokaw, former NBC news anchorman and author of the best-seller The Greatest Generation, will become honorary national chairman of the Florida State University's Institute on World War II and the Human Experience. Brokaw has also donated 100 boxes of WWII letters and memorabilia from his collection to the institute. External Link: Brokaw to be Honorary Chairman of FSU's WWII Institute and Institute on WWII and the Human Experience.
Wisconsin World War II Stories
The Wisconsin WWII Stories website tells the stories of Wisconsin residents during WWII through video and interviews. Video for the entire five-part series is available online. The website also contains the Wisconsin WWII Honor Roll, a list of over 8,000 Wisconsin men and women who died is WWII service. (The website is a partnership of the Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Public Television, and the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.) External Link: Wisconsin Stories: World War II.
Capt. Earle Johnson Photos (76th Inf. Div.)
Brad Johnson has posted an outstanding collection of personal WWII photos from his father Captain Earle K. Johnson of M Company, III Battalion, 385th Infantry Regiment, 76th Infantry Division. Capt. Johnson's photographs cover the men of the 76th from training to deployment in Europe and finally occupation duty. A number of interesting G.I. uniform and jeep photos are displayed, and Gallery Page 4 includes an unpublished photo of a destroyed German Panzer IV. External Link: On Our Way (aa5ch.smugmug.com).
Brandon D. Nuttall in WWII
Today features a link to a series of World War II photos on Flickr.com taken by Brandon D. Nuttall in France, October 1944 to March 1945. The photo series includes excellent photos of U.S. and German aircraft. External Link: BDN in WWII (flickr.com).
150th Combat Engineers
150th.com is an excellent website dedicated to the history of the 150th Combat Engineer Battalion in WWII. The 150th was formed in 1943 and served in the European Theater. Created by the son of a 150th veteran, the website has over 300 pages and more than 1000 photos. External Link: 150th Combat Engineer Battalion of WWII.
SHAEF/ETOUSA Veterans Association
The official website of the SHAEF/ETOUSA Veterans Association contains a number of interesting resources from World War II veterans who served in SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force) or ETOUSA (Headquarters European Theater of Operations U.S. Army). External Link: SHAEF/ETOUSA Veterans Association.
Sgt. Roy Russell's Actions in the Siegfried Line
This article reports the interesting story of Sgt. Roy Russell's exploits in capturing a German pillbox in the Siegfried Line. For his service, Sgt. Russell was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart. Now, his daughter, Shirley Nichols, has started the process of requesting the nation's highest military award for her father. External Link: Daughter Seeks Medal for Soldier.
Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command
Yesterday's blog entry highlighted one example of the work of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC). The government estimates more than 78,000 Americans are still unaccounted for from WWII alone. External Link: Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command.
B-24 Crew to be Buried at Arlington
Eleven airmen killed in a B-24 Liberator crash during WWII were honored at Arlington Friday. The B-24 was lost off the coast of New Guinea in April 1944 after a bombing raid near Hollandia. The remains were recovered in 2002 by a military team. Eight of the men will be buried at Arlington, the other three men will be buried in their hometowns. According to the Associated Press, the 11 airmen were identified as: Sgt. Marshall P. Borofsky, Chicago; 1st Lt. Frank P. Giugliano, New York, N.Y.; 1st Lt. James P. Gullion, Paris, Texas; Sgt. Walker G. Harm, Philadelphia; S/Sgt. Richard F. King, Moultrie, Ga.; S/Sgt. William Lowery, Republic, Pa.; S/Sgt. Elgin J. Luckenbach, Luckenbach, Texas; S/Sgt. Marion B. May, Amarillo, Texas; Capt. Thomas C. Paschal, El Monte, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Leland A. Rehmet, San Antonio, Texas; and 2nd Lt. John A. Widsteen, Palo Alto, Calif. External Link: WWII Airmen to Be Buried.
Robert Tekulve's Pacific Photos
Robert A. Tekulve was a photographer for the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII. This website displays an extensive collection of Tekulve's photos in high resolution. The photos include numerous U.S. aircraft. External Link: Robert Tekulve WWII Pacific Photo Collection.
Pacific Wrecks
Wreckage from World War II remains scattered around the Pacific. The Pacific Wrecks Database collects and organizes information on surviving wrecks and has aided in the discovery and identification of numerous new sites in the Pacific. The website also contains U.S. and Japanese veteran's accounts and information on Japanese holdouts who continued to fight in isolated regions after the Japanese surrender. External Link: Pacific Wreck Database.
64th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid
April 18th marks the 64th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on Japan by 16 B-25 bombers launched from the carrier USS Hornet. Eight of the 16 surviving Doolittle Raiders held their 64th reunion in Dayton, Ohio at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force Link website has a special section devoted to the Doolittle Raiders. External Link: The US Air Force Celebrates the Doolittle Raiders.
Flickr WWII Photo Set
A small set of WWII photos on flickr showing U.S. troops in Germany and Belgium in 1945. External Link: Grandfather Wallick (flickr.com).
Prune Auction
A London auction house is selling two prunes intended to be used by the British Special Operations Executive to smuggle maps and documents to prisoners of war. The prunes are part of a large collection of memorabilia from the late Doreen Mulot. The collection also includes forgeries of German document stamps and plates for counterfeiting "camp money." The entire auction catalog can temporarily be viewed at www.spink.com. External Link: No Longer Available.
P-47 Thunderbolt Ace Dies
Fred J. Christensen, who flew 107 combat missions in the ETO and shot down 21 enemy planes including six enemy transport planes in a single day, died April 3 at age 84. Christensen was part of the 56th Fighter Group, known as Zemke's Wolfpack. He was a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Silver Star and the Air Medal. External Link: WWII Flying Ace Dead at 84 (boston.com).

For more information on Zemke's Wolfpack, Aviation History magazine has a brief history of the 56th Fighter Group available online. External Link: Zemke's Wolfpack: 56th Fighter Group.

Raymond Anderson WWII Photos
A nice collection of WWII photos from Raymond Anderson, Sr., who served in engineering units state-side, on the Alaskan Highway, and in Europe, are available online. External Link: A Soldier's Photo Album.
Day After Getting WWII Medals, Veteran Dies
MSNBC reports on the sad story of a WWII veteran who died the day after receiving two WWII medals. Adam Macht received his WWII Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals on Wednesday after six decades delay. Macht served as a corporal under Gen. George S. Patton and fought in Tunisia, Algeria and French Morocco during WWII. External Link: MSNBC.
Bombadier Art Kramer's WWII Photos and Stories
Art Kramer's served as a B-26 Marauder bombadier with the 344th Bombardment Group in World War II. A nice collection of his personal pictures and stories from the war are online. Check out "Marauder POW" for an interesting photo of a captured B-26 in German markings. External Link: Art Kramer's WWII Pictures and Stories.
WWII Video
The National Archives and Google Video have made a selection of World War II government newsreels available for free access online. These United Newsreels were produced and financed by the U.S. government for use overseas as counter-propaganda. Hopefully over time, the number of newsreels available will continue to expand. External Link: Google Video National Archives Section.
Mulberry Harbour
The ruins of the Mulberry Harbour B off Gold Beach near Arromanches in Normandy can be seen on Google Maps. These massive artificial harbours were towed across the English Channel in pieces and assembled off the coast of Normandy to help supply the Allied invasion forces. External Link: Google Sightseeing.
WWII Story of Russ Cloer
The personal World War II story of Russ Cloer, a Captain in the 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. Captain Cloer fought with the 3rd Infantry Division from Rome to Southern France and into Germany. His account includes a number of unpublished wartime photos. External Link: Biography of Russ Cloer.
The War
Ken Burns, famous for his historical documentaries such as The Civil War, is currently producing a seven-part series on World War II. The War will tell the story of WWII through the lives of ordinary people in four American towns - Mobile, Alabama; Sacramento, California; Waterbury, Connecticut; and Luverne, Minnesota. The series is scheduled to be released in 2007. External Link: Florentine Films: The War.
WWII Oral History Project
The "Oral History Project of the World War Two Years" collects and preserves the WWII experiences and memories of Minnesotans. The website contains a variety of interviews of veterans and civilians. The interviews have also been printed in the book "Remembering the Good War" published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. The project is supported by Concordia University, St. Paul. External Link: Oral History Project of the World War Two Years.

A related project also based at Concordia University is the "POW Oral History Project" which collects and preserves prisoner of war experiences. The website currently includes two accounts from prisoners held at Stalag IX-B, Bad Orb. External Link: POW Oral History Project: World War Two.

South Asia Photos
The Digital South Asia Library (DSAL) provides digital materials online for research on South Asia. The DSAL website contains an image library which contains three World War II photograph collections from American servicemen: Glenn S. Hensley, Robert Keagle, and Frank Bond. These photo collections include a number of military aircraft photos from the Pacific Theater. External Link: Digital South Asia Library Photo Library.
Paul Allen Buys WWII Hurricane Fighter
Billionaire Paul Allen has purchased a restored 1941 Hawker Hurricane built at a Canadian factory during WWII. The Hurricane will be added to Paul Allen's Flying Heritage Collection. External Link: Microsoft Billionaire Takes Aviation Obsession to New Heights and Flying Heritage Collection
79th Infantry Field Lineman
Today features another personal account from the 79th Infantry Division: Cpl. Joseph W. Campbell served as a field lineman with the 314th Infantry Regiment. This website features Campbell's story of his service with photos from his personal collection. External Link: Service Account - Cpl. Joseph W. Campbell.
WWII Journals of Colonel Arsdale
This website features the diaries, letters, and photographs from Colonel Van Arsdale, commander of the 311th Field Artillery Battalion, 79th Infantry Division. The 79th Infantry Division landed in Normandy in June 1944 and fought through France, Belgium, and Germany to end the war near Dortmund. External Link: WWII Journals of Col. Walton S. Van Arsdale.
Chaplaincy in WWII
This is a small website about the history of the Chaplaincy in World War II, primarily focused on the U.S. Army in the European Theater in 1944-1945. The website covers history, uniforms, equipment, and regulations with several historical photos. External Link: History of U.S. Army Chaplaincy in WWII.
Welsh Memories of WWII
"Their Past Your Future" is a exhibition on display in Wales in 2005-2006 about the Welsh experience in WWII. As part of that effort, the website is helping residents record their stories and digitize their photographs for archival and online display. External Link: Their Past Your Future.
Remains Returned from WWII Plane Wreck
Sixty-two years after his death, the remains of Charles Feucht have been identified and will be returned to Ohio for burial. Identification was done using DNA samples from Feucht's sister. Feucht's B-24 Liberator was lost in New Guinea in 1943, and the aircraft wreckage was discovered in 2002. External Link: The Virginian-Pilot.

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