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Intelligence Articles by Subject

The Intelligence Bulletin and Tactical and Technical Trends were published by the U.S. Military Intelligence Service throughout WWII to inform soldiers of the latest enemy tactics and weapons.

   Operating the Mark IV Tank - Translated German training pamphlet (IB, 12/42)
German Heavy Tank PzKw 6 - Early report on new Tiger tank in North Africa (TT&T, 5/43)
Tiger: New German Heavy Tank - Report on Tigers encountered in North Africa (IB, 6/43)
75-mm Assault Artillery - Russian info on Sturmgeschütz III (IB, 7/43)
Attack Against German Heavy Tank - British anti-tank against Tiger in Tunisia (TT&T, 7/43)
Further Information About German Tanks - Armor thickness and submersibility (IB, 9/43)
New Self-Propelled Gun - Russian report on the German Ferdinand tank at Kursk (IB, 10/43)
German Panther Tank - PzKpfw. V, the new German medium panzer (TT&T, 11/43)
Vulnerability of Tiger Tanks - Russian article on tactics against the Tiger (TT&T, 12/43)
German 128-mm SP Gun - 128-mm self-propelled gun on the PzKpfw. VI chassis (TT&T, 12/43)
German Submersible Tanks - Modified PzKpfw. III and PzKpfw. VI tanks (TT&T, 12/43)
New Heavy Tank: The Pz. Kw. 5 (Panther) - German Panzer V (IB, 1/44)
German Prisoners Discuss the Pz. Kw. 6 - Tiger tank deployment and tactics (IB, 4/44)
Flame-Throwing Pz. Kw. 3 - PzKpfw. III flamethrower version in Italy (IB, 7/44)
Pantiger, A Redesigned Tiger - German Tiger II encountered in Normandy (TT&T, 10/44)
Tank Talk - German tank trends, armor tactics, and vulnerabilities of the Tiger (IB, 10/44)
Flamethrower Halftracks - Tactics of personnel carriers with flamethrowers (IB, 11/44)
German Assault Artillery - Self-propelled guns and tactics (IB, 12/44)
Tiger Tanks in the Battle for Florence - New Zealand troops battle the Tiger I (IB, 1/45)
German Remote-Control MG - Machine-guns for assault guns and tank destroyers (IB, 5/45)
The German Mouse - Super-heavy Maus tank became a white elephant (IB, 3/46)
   German 88mm in the Libyan Battle - Effectiveness of 88mm in North Africa (IB, 7/42)
Focke Wulf — FW190 - Brief report on new German fighter (IB, 9/42)
Night Driving Equipment - German vehicle lights for night driving (IB, 9/42)
German Sub-Stratosphere Planes - High-altitude Ju86 (IB, 11/42)
The Junkers (Ju) 88 - Brief report on Luftwaffe bomber and fighter (IB, 12/42)
50-mm Light Mortar - German mortar compared to U.S. 60-mm (IB, 1/43)
50-mm Antitank Gun - German 50-mm antitank gun encountered in North Africa (IB, 2/43)
German Gun-Howitzer (Standard 105 mm) - Comparison to U.S. 105-mm artillery (IB, 4/43)
Antitank and Tank Guns - German 50-mm, 75-mm, and 88-mm guns (IB, 5/43)
New 75-mm Antitank Gun - Preliminary info on German 75-mm antitank gun (IB, 7/43)
Nebelwerfer 41 - Initial report on German rocket weapon, the "Screaming Mimi" (IB, 11/43)
Portable Flame Throwers - German flame thrower models (IB, 4/44)
New German Rifle for Paratroopers - The Fallschirmjäger Gewehr 42, F.G. 42 (IB, 6/44)
Remote-Control Vehicles - German demolition vehicles such as the "Goliath" (IB, 7/44)
Hollow-Charge Antitank Grenades - Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck (TT&T, 11/44)
German Antitank Weapons - Pak, Flak, SP guns, Panzerfaust, and Panzerschreck (IB, 11/44)
German Light Amphibious Car - Report on the Schwimmwagen amphibious car (IB, 12/44)
New 88 and its Carriages - Model 1943 and mounts, Jagdpanther and Tiger II (IB, 1/45)
Germany's Rocket and Recoilless Weapons - Nebelwerfer, Panzerfaust, etc. (IB, 3/45)
How to Throw the Panzerwurfmine - Instructions for hollow-charge antitank grenade (IB, 3/45)
Panzerhandmine 3 - Variant of the magnetic hollow-charge Hafthohlladung (IB, 5/45)
Concrete Stick Hand Grenade - "Potato mashers" with concrete heads (IB, 6/45)
DEFENSES    Infantry Fieldworks - Excerpts from German documents (IB, 3/43)
Some Basic Principles of Coastal Defense - German defense tactics (IB, 9/43)
Barbed-Wire Obstacles - German use in Atlantic Wall (IB, 9/43)
Types of Concrete Antitank Obstacles - Used in German coastal defense (IB, 9/43)
A Prepared Defensive Position in Italy - German battalion defensive position (IB, 3/44)
More German Obstacles - Defensive positions in Europe (IB, 3/44)
German Field Defenses Observed in Italy - Dugouts and MG positions (IB, 5/44)
How the Enemy Defended the Town of Ortona - German defenses in Italy (IB, 7/44)
A German Defense Area on the Anzio Front - German platoon position (IB, 7/44)
German Mobile Steel Pillbox - Machine-gun pillbox used in Italy and Russia (IB, 7/44)
Some Fortifications Observed in Italy - German pillboxes and positions in Italy (IB, 8/44)
Defense Measures for the Anzio Perimeter - German defenses at Anzio (IB, 8/44)
Pillbox Warfare - Rifle companies describe combat in the Siegfried Line (IB, 1/45)
Fortress Battalions and How They Are Used - German defense troops (IB, 2/45)
TACTICS    Reconnaissance Units - German recon tactics from captured manuals (IB, 11/42)
Armored Force Tactics in the Middle East - Africa Corps tactics in Libya (IB, 2/43)
Use of 20-mm AA/AT Gun Against Ground Targets - German light flak (IB, 2/43)
Recent Developments in German Tactics - Artillery, armor, and defenses (IB, 4/43)
Reconnaissance By Light Tank Platoons - German recon tactics (IB, 5/43)
Panzer Grenadiers - German units and their tactics (IB, 5/43)
Methods of Employing Tanks with Infantry - Tactics in North Africa (IB, 7/43)
Antitank Tactics as Seen by U.S. Combat Personnel - German A/T in N. Africa (IB, 7/43)
Combat in High Mountains, Snow, and Extreme Cold - German tactics (IB, 7/43)
Tactics Used by Pz. Kw. 4's (with Short 75-mm Gun) - Panzer tactics (IB, 7/43)
Engineer Assault Tactics - German tactics from PW interviews (IB, 8/43)
Reconnaissance Methods - German recon tactics from Russian sources (IB, 9/43)
Weaknesses of Artillery Defensive Positions - Hermann Goering Division in Sicily (IB, 11/43)
German Soldier Describes Terror of Sicily Retreat - Captured soldier's letter (IB, 11/43)
Use of Tanks with Infantry - Rights and wrongs from German documents (IB, 12/43)
British Comments on German Use of Tanks - Ten commandments for tanks (IB, 1/44)
von Arnim Discusses Junior Leadership - Captured Fifth Panzer Army orders (IB, 2/44)
A German Company in the Defense - Captured documents on defense tactics in Italy (IB, 3/44)
German Tank Platoons Operating as Points - Composition and employment (IB, 6/44)
Ground Tactics of German Paratroops - From captured directive (IB, 6/44)
Tactics of Individual German Arms in Italy - Defense and rear-guard tactics (IB, 8/44)
Smoke-Shell Tactics Used by German Tanks - Tactical use of smoke by panzers (IB, 8/44)
A Tank-Infantry Team Observed in Combat - German attack in Normandy (IB, 12/44)
Heavy Mobile Punch - Late-war tactics of German armor (IB, 5/45)
RED ARMY    Night Combat by Russian Cavalry - Night raid on German units (IB, 10/42)
Russian Antitank Tactics - Artillery, air support, and antitank rifle (IB, 1/43)
Russian Use of the Antitank Rifle - Translated instructions for antitank riflemen (IB, 6/45)
Soviet Infiltration Units in Mountain Warfare - Russian tactics against Germany (IB, 6/45)
Red Army Guards - Guards and other unit designations (IB, 3/46)
Red Army Officers' Corps - WWII revival of officer traditions (IB, 3/46)
On The Way! - Employment of mortars in the Red Army (IB, 5/46)
Cavalry in Mass - Soviet employment of cavalry on Eastern Front (IB, 5/46)
Tokarev M1940 - Russian semiautomatic rifle (IB, 5/46)
Geronimo! and the Red Army - Soviet airborne forces (IB, 5/46)
Soviet Tanks in City Fighting - Red Army tactics in Battle of Berlin (IB, 6/46)
The Red Army Infantryman - The individual soldier in military service (IB, 6/46)
Soviet Hand Grenades - Types of WWII Red Army hand grenades (IB, 6/46)
   Weapons Most Frequently Used - Italian infantry weapons (IB, 11/42)
Radio Transmission - Radio security lessons from captured Italian report (IB, 11/42)
Flame Throwers - Italian portable and tank-mounted flamethrowers (IB, 12/42)
81-mm Mortar - Italian Model 35 81-mm mortar, similar to U.S. M1 mortar (IB, 1/43)
Torpedo Bomber - Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM-79 torpedo bomber and tactics (IB, 1/43)
Notes on Attack - Captured Italian notes on infantry attack (IB, 8/43)
OTHER    Armored Forces - 88-mm gun, tanks in the spotlight, and mechanized warfare (IB, 9/42)
Parachutists - German Luftwaffe airborne troops (IB, 9/42)
'Secret' Weapon Again? - Propaganda of German secret weapon used in Russia (IB, 9/42)
Balanced Antitank Protection - German small-unit antitank measures (IB, 10/42)
Developments in Desert Warfare - Desert fighting in North Africa (IB, 10/42)
"Do's" and "Don'ts" for British Armored Units - Informal notes from North Africa (IB, 10/42)
Miscellaneous, Oct. 1942 - German use of dogs, convoy speeds, and Italian relations (IB, 10/42)
Defense Against Aircraft - German searchlights, flak, and barrage balloons (IB, 11/42)
Notes from the North African Theater - Miscellaneous notes on German forces (IB, 12/42)
Prisoners of War - German and British methods of questioning PWs (IB, 12/42)
Miscellaneous, Dec. 1942 - German use of tanks and blister gas treatment (IB, 12/42)
Notes on British Antitank Tactics - In North Africa (IB, 1/43)
British Training and Use of Dogs - Training and tactical use in WWII (IB, 1/43)
Security in the Field - German field security notes (IB, 1/43)
Attacks on Concrete Fortifications - German methods from British intel report (IB, 2/43)
How New Zealand Troops Penetrate Wire Obstacles - North Africa (IB, 2/43)
Miscellaneous, Feb. 1943 - German field patches for armor and map symbols (IB, 2/43)
British Nicknames of Tanks - Allied armor nicknames (IB, 3/43)
Notes on Security From the Middle East - British field security notes (IB, 3/43)
Visual Signals between Air and Ground Forces - Signal methods (IB, 3/43)
Interrogation of British Prisoners of War - Captured German instructions (IB, 3/43)
Miscellaneous, March 1943 - German assault bridge and smoke against tanks (IB, 3/43)
Air Forces - Luftwaffe Henschel 129 and Dornier 217E bombers (IB, 3/43)
German Air Forces - Tactics against ground troops and flying discipline (IB, 4/43)
Miscellaneous, April 1943 - German vehicle destruction, new insignia, firefight (IB, 4/43)
German Tank Maintenance and Recovery - Practices in North Africa (IB, 4/43)
Defense Against Ground-Attack Planes - German defense tactics (IB, 5/43)
Parachute Troops - German parachute troops and new jump methods (IB, 5/43)
Miscellaneous, May 1943 - 88-mm, MG-42, tank recognition, flamethrower Pz II (IB, 4/43)
Some British Trends in Combat Firing - Training notes (IB, 7/43)
Miscellaneous, July 1943 - Obstructing airdromes, delay tactics, and using tanks (IB, 7/43)
How British Deal with Road Craters, Obstacles - From British documents (IB, 8/43)
British Junior Officer Tells Combat Experiences - Platoon leader discusses tactics (IB, 8/43)
Miscellaneous, Aug. 1943 - German instructions for capture, ruses, roving guns (IB, 8/43)
German Rules for Use of Contamination Batteries - Excerpts from enemy manual (IB, 9/43)
Some Notes on German Moutain Warfare - Mountain tactics (IB, 3/44)
German Close-Order Drill - Drill commands and how to pronounce them (IB, 3/44)
Notes on German Vehicle Markings - To aid in operating captured vehicles (IB, 4/44)
German Efforts to Break United Nations Security - POW interrogation (IB, 5/44)
How Paratroops Clear Fields for Gliders - German methods to clear airfields (IB, 6/44)
New German Emphasis on Salvaging Matériel - Captured German orders (IB, 6/44)
Souvenir Hunting is Still a Problem - Enemy intelligence lost from souvenir hunters (IB, 6/44)
Rations as a Factor in Paratroop Efficiency - German paratrooper rations (IB, 6/44)
Ruses for Concealing Artillery Positions - Translated Russian article (IB, 7/44)
Warning Markers for Contaminated Areas - Wehrmacht warning flags (IB, 7/44)
Combat Smoke Screens Recently Used in Italy - German smoke screens at Anzio (IB, 7/44)
G.I. Comments on German Use of Fire Power - GI officer and noncom accounts (IB, 12/44)
What Jerry Thinks of Us... and Himself - German PW comments in Italy (IB, 12/44)
How to Help the Enemy - Importance of field security and security regulations (IB, 1/45)
The German Volkssturm - National militia organized for final defense (IB, 2/45)
Ordnance Intelligence Teams - U.S. intel teams investigate enemy weapons (IB, 2/45)
PW Interrogation: The Germans Mean Business - German interrogation methods (IB, 3/45)
In Brief, March 1945 - German bicycle troops, assault guns, and forest tactics (IB, 3/45)
What the Germans Learned at Warsaw - Translation of German training article (IB, 4/45)
In Brief, April 1945 - Assault-unit tactics, counterattacks, and Model's methods (IB, 4/45)
von Rundstedt Explains - Reasons for German defeat in the West (IB, 3/46)
What Do You Know About Foreign Weapons? - Use of captured equipment (IB, 3/46)
Operation Easter Egg - Abwehr sabotage depots in Western Europe (IB, 3/46)
German Horse Cavalry and Transport - Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS cavalry (IB, 3/46)
Noise That Kills - German experimental sound wave weapon (IB, 5/46)
The Electric Gun - German experiments with electrically launched projectiles (IB, 5/46)
The German Kamikazes - Efforts to organize suicide attacks on the Allied invasion (IB, 6/46)
Name, Rank, Serial No., Plus - German interrogation methods (IB, 6/46)

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