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Welcome 102nd Infantry Division
Website to distribute thoughts, ideas and memories to the 102nd Infantry Division Associationís members and friends through words, pictures and quotations.

A Dad's War History with 102nd Infantry Division
Website devoted to the experiences of a replacement assigned to Company B of the 405th Infantry Regiment in January 1945. He was severely wounded shortly after crossing the Roer River in February.

102d thru Germany: WWII Unit History
Dedicated to the officers and men of the division, the unit history "With the 102d Infantry Division through Germany" was published by the 102nd Infantry Division's Public Relations Office in July 1945.

America's Greatest Generation: Army Heroes, 102nd Division
At "World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words" website, a section devoted to men who served in the 102nd Infantry Division during World War II.

1945 Christmas Menu, 407th Infantry Regiment
Souvenir Christmas menu from the 407th Infantry Regiment of the 102nd Infantry Division in Coburg.

327th Engineer Combat Battalion
Stories, photos, documents, and rosters from the 327th Engineer Combat Battalion.

102nd Infantry Division History
102nd Infantry Division Components
102nd Infantry Division Medal of Honor Recipients
102nd Infantry Division Commanders


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