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[102nd Infantry Division Patch]  1945 Souvenir Christmas Menu, 407th Infantry Regiment (102nd Infantry Div.)

[Merry Christmas, Regimental Headquarters 407th Infantry, Souvenir Menu, 1945]     [MENU, Fruit Juices, Turkey and Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Giblet Gravy, Creamed peas and carrots, Hot Rolls and Butter, Cranberry Sauce, Cake and Ice Cream, Coffee, Assorted Nuts, Mixed Candy]


The outlook was not very cheerful this time last year.

The Battle of the Bulge had begun about a week before Christmas and the 84th Division was pulled out of line to help halt the German winter offensive in the south. This made it necessary for the 407th to move into a larger sector.

On December 23, 1944, this Regiment along with one Battalion of the 406th, took over the newly assigned sector in the vicinity of Lindern, Germany. The Regimental front now extended along the bank of the Roer River from Linnich to Lindern. Regt. Hq. in Gereonsweilar had just relieved the 406th Inf.

The mission of the 407th was to strengthen and hold the line against possible enemy attack. All approaches to the Regimental area were prepared with demolitions in order to block a swift enemy advance in the event of a break through. All knocked out tanks were removed or blown to prevent their future use as pillboxes by the enemy.

Every night wire and mine laying details operated in front of our lines. These precautions payed off well when a short time later the battalion of the 406th repulsed an enemy counter-attack of company strength as they attempted to force a gap in the wire. This attempt cost the enemy heavy losses in killed and wounded and some prisoners were taken.

The winter snows had arrived, but to most of the men the frozen ground was a relief from the mud and water of the previous months. Foxholes now could be kept fairly dry, and the danger of trench foot diminished considerably. Christmas Day was celebrated with a special turkey meal and wine was rationed to the men. This was interrupted by three German planes which attacked the 407th area. One was shot down, and the others withdrew. The Germans in a festive mood also, played carols to the men over a loud speaker, however the music was soon silenced by our artillery.




1st Sgt   Ward, Harry C.   Pfc  Giglia, Salvatore R.
M/SgtKnapp, William R.PfcKamp, Sanford
S/SgtChristian, Fred R.PfcLandauer, Almer D.
S/SgtJacobson, Henry C.PfcLapin, John
S/SgtDake, Norman W.PfcLecki, John
S/SgtKremnitzer, Ernest G.PfcLindemann, Burdette E.
S/SgtMullis, Harvey G.PfcMansfield, Alonzo
SgtDavid, BenPfcMarkley, Elmer W.
SgtGivens, RaymondPfcMarron, Bernard
SgtKingsley, Edward E.PfcMason, Charles J.
T/4Bartels, Donald H.PfcMiller, Donald G.
T/4Hornsby, William M.PfcMorgan, Harry T.
T/4Ijames, Billie Jr.PfcNoringe, Orville W.
T/4Olosky, Charles A.PfcPalczer, Andrew
T/4Shapiro, HowardPfcPerricone, Benny E.
T/4Timmons, Richard L.PfcPressman, George
Cpl.Appledorn, William Jr.PfcRoth, Arthur L.
Cpl.Lawrence, JeffPfcSafonte, Joseph A.
Cpl.Mulvey, Paul J.PfcSchaefer, Charles R.
Cpl.Podis, MarvinPfcSesanto, Lupe D.
Cpl.Schnure, Christ J. PfcSutton, William N.
Tec/5   Berke Paul Jr.PfcWalker, Robert D.
Tec/5Boyle, HerbertPfcWallace, Robert G.
Tec/5Clark, James L.T/4   Whitmore, Bernard D.
Tec/5Coffin, John R.PftBerthelot, Leonard
Tec/5Munson, James E.PftCordiro, Ben
Tec/5Sundell, Alvin G.PftJones, David E.
Tec/5Pannone, Anthony S. J.PftJuarez, Joe
Tec/5Williams, H. W. Jr.PftFouts, Emory D.
PfcAmmirati, CarminePftFowler, Crayton E.
PfcBader, Henry M.PvtFrazier, John E.
PfcBlake, RussellPftKough, James P.
PfcBurnham, James H.PvtKouechenmeister, Frank W.
PfcCross, Edward J.PvtLa Chance, Alan F.
PfcCzarnecki, Walter J.PvtLapinskas, Anthony V.
PfcFilicko, RudyPvtSmith, S. K.




SgtMaker, Irwin W.   PvtMinamote, Toshi
PvtTamada, Theodore K.PfcNelson, Raymond W.
Tec/4   Frampton, William A.SgtSewell, Robert O.
T/Sgt   D'Augustin, AlphonsePvtYamamoto, Johnny S.
SgtCramer, StanleyPfcMuschlitz, Samuel J.
Tec/4Karaffa, Joe T.PfcGrone, Herman T.
PfcFinkelstein, Albert T/4Arrowsmith, Richard D.
PfcFriedmann, William I.PfcAllabastro, William A.
PfcMoline, SaverioPfcByrd, Arthur
PftBrady, JohnPfcPasieba, Joseph
Cpl.Mathius, George C.PfcPayne, Robert
PfcDouglas, Jack H.PfcSwan, James U.
PfcJacoby, AlexanderPvtFeese, William
PfcCimino, Fred A. Carrell, Bernard
PfcTrammel, DarrelT/4   Campbell, Richard E.
PfcLongbrake, HowardCpl.   Turner, Gordon B.
PfcThomas, JamesPvtMiyako, Tatsuo
PfcErdman, JosephPfcHoppenworth, Leslie E.
PvtArashiro, CliffordsPfcHart, Raymond H.
SgtBober, Walter F.PfcVanpelt, Gene D.
PfcWells, Francis R.PfcEads, William C.
PvtNakayama, JimPfcMetcalfe, James R.
T/5Swetnam, Fred R.T/4Colegrove, Marion
PfcLerch, Robert W.PfcEhst, Richard
SgtStauch, JosephPfcBrown, Walter C.
PfcBoyd, McKinnleyPfcMason, Merlin L.
PfcFrost, Jack H.PvtSasaki, Masakazu
PfcLoventhal, Samuel A.PvtTakemoto, Ugi
PfcSieberman, Robert A.PvtLuct, Robert W.
SgtRiley, John J.T/Sgt   Ewing, Robert C.
PfcAnderson, Charles P.  


[Coburg Highlights: Market Place, An Old Gate]
Coburg Highlights:  Market Place, An Old Gate
[Coburg Highlights: Veste Coburg, Hotel Excelsior]
Coburg Highlights:  Veste Coburg, Hotel Excelsior

[Colonel Philip R. Dwyer, Commanding; Major Wilford D. Gower, Executive Officer; Captain George E. Butler, Adjutant; 1st Lt. John A. Kjellstrom, S-2]
Colonel Philip R. Dwyer, Commanding;  Major Wilford D. Gower, Executive Officer;  Captain George E. Butler, Adjutant;  1st Lt. John A. Kjellstrom, S-2
[1st Lt. Donald H. Hustleby, S-3; Captain Fred A. Hicks, S-4; Captain John F. Quinn, I & E.; 1st Lt. John L. Buckley, SSO.]
1st Lt. Donald H. Hustleby, S-3;  Captain Fred A. Hicks, S-4;  Captain John F. Quinn, I & E.;  1st Lt. John L. Buckley, SSO.

[Captain Richard F. Whitlock, Regimental Surgeon; Chaplain Elburn Moore; Captain Dewey A. Decker, Hqs. Co. Commander]
Captain Richard F. Whitlock, Regimental Surgeon;  Chaplain Elburn Moore;  Captain Dewey A. Decker, Hqs. Co. Commander


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