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Maj. Gen. Ralph E. Truman
December 1940 - October 1941.
Maj. Gen. William H. Simpson (1888-1980)
October 1941 - April 1942. [See details under 30th Infantry Division.]
Maj. Gen. Maxwell Murray (1885-1948)
May 1942 - January 1943. Gen. Murray formerly served as commander of the 25th Infantry Division stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Gen. Murray later commanded the Southern California sector of the Western Defense Command. Gen. Murray died in 1948.
Maj. Gen. Paul W. Baade (1889-1959)
January 1943 - Inactivation. Gen. Baade was formerly assistant commander of the 35th Division. He commanded the 35th throughout its combat service in WWII. Gen. Baade retired in 1946. He died in 1959.

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