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The 65th Division Association
Official website of the The 65th Division Association.

A Test of Faith and Courage
Website for the book A Test of Faith and Courage: Patton's Raider's in WWII by Oscar B. Ladner, Company G, 260th Infantry.

"Right to be Proud" - 65th Infantry Division WWII Unit History
Online copy of "Right to be Proud: History of the 65th Infantry Division's March Across Germany" which was a pamphlet printed in 1945 during occupation duty for distribution to the officers and men of the 65th Infantry Division.

War Letters from Donald Gettings about Ordruf and WW2
Letters from Donald Gettings about German work camp at Ordruf and WWII in general. He was a squad leader in the 260th Anti-Tank Company, 65th infantry Division.

WWII 65th Infantry Division Photo Album
Photo album from an unknown soldier of the 65th Infantry Division in Germany and Austria in 1945.

65th Infantry Division History
65th Infantry Division Components
65th Infantry Division Medal of Honor Recipients
65th Infantry Division Commanders


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