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Maj. Gen. Clifford R. Powell
September 1940 - August 1941.
Maj. Gen. James I. Muir
August 1941 - August 1944. Gen. Muir was formerly commander of the 26th Regiment. He was later promoted to command of XXIII Corps. Gen. Muir retired in 1945 and died in 1964.
Maj. Gen. Robert L. Spragins
August 1944 - December 1944. [See details under 71st Infantry Division.]
Maj. Gen. William F. Dean (1899-1981)
January 1945 - September 1945. Gen. Dean formerly served as Assistant Division Commander of the 44th Infantry Division. In Korea, Gen. Dean commanded the 7th Infantry Division and the 24th Infantry Division. Gen. Dean won the Medal of Honor for actions in Korea. He died in 1981 and is buried at the Presidio in San Francisco.
Brig. Gen. William A. Beiderlinden (1895-1981)
November 1945. Gen. Beiderlinden was formerly commander of the 44th Division Artillery. After WWII, Gen. Beiderlinden served in a variety of roles including commander of Third Army. He retired in 1955.
Brig. Gen. Robert L. Dulaney
November 1945 - Inactivation. Gen. Dulaney had formerly served as assistant division commander.

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