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Maj. Gen. Ellard A. Walsh
February 1941 - August 1941. Gen. Walsh left command for medical reasons.
Maj. Gen. Russell P. Hartle
August 1941 - May 1942. Gen. Hartle was commander during the Louisiana Maneuvers. Gen. Hartle also temporarily served as commander of United States Army Northern Ireland Force. Gen. Hartle later commanded the V Corps. He died in 1961.
Maj. Gen. Charles W. Ryder
May 1942 - July 1944. Gen. Ryder was formerly Chief of Staff, VI Corps. He later commanded IX Corps, including service in the occupation of Japan. Gen. Ryder retired in 1950 and died in 1960.
Maj. Gen. Charles L. Bolte
July 1944 - Inactivation. [See details under 69th Infantry Division.]

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