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Dive Bombers of WWII


Junkers Ju 87 Stuka
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka [Bundesarchiv]

SB2C Helldiver
SB2C Helldiver [U.S. Navy Photo]

SBD Dauntless
SBD-5 Dauntless [U.S. Navy Photo]


A-31 Vengeance

The A-31 Vengeance was an American dive bomber built by Vultee Aircraft. The Vengeance was not used by the U.S. but served with the RAF, the RAAF, and Indian Air Force.

Aichi D3A "Val"

Japanese carrier-based dive bomber. Participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Heinkel He 50

Pre-WWII era dive bomber which served with the Luftwaffe throughout WWII.

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

The Junkers Ju 87 Stuka was a two-seat German dive bomber which served in the Spanish Civil War and throughout WWII.

Petlyakov Pe-2

Soviet WWII dive bomber which served in large numbers in a variety of roles.

SB2C Helldiver

The SB2C Helldiver was a U.S. Navy carrier-based dive bomber.

SB2U Vindicator

The SB2U Vindicator was a pre-war carrier-based dive bomber manufactured by Vought. The SB2U Vindicator was withdrawn from service after the Battle of Midway.

SBD Dauntless

The SBD Dauntless was a U.S. Navy WWII carrier-based dive bomber which served throughout WWII.

Yokosuka D4Y "Judy"

The Yokosuka D4Y was a WWII dive bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

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