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American Tanks and AFVs of World War II

M3 Grant and M4 Sherman Tanks
M3 and M4 Medium Tanks at Fort Knox.
M3 Stuart Tank
M3 Stuart Tank.
M36 Gun Motor Carriage - Tank Destroyer
M36 Gun Motor Carriage.
M26 Heavy Tank
M26 Heavy Tank.

Light tanks

  • M1 Combat Car
  • M2 Light Tank
  • M3/M5 Light Tank
  • M22 Light Tank
  • M24 Light Tank
  • Marmon-Herrington CTLS

Medium and Heavy Tanks

  • M2 Medium Tank
  • M3 Medium Tank
  • M4 Medium Tank
  • M26 Heavy Tank

Self-Propelled Artillery

  • M7 Howitzer Motor Carriage
  • M8 HMC
  • M12 Gun Motor Carriage
  • M40 Gun Motor Carriage
  • M3 Gun Motor Carriage
  • M15 Combination Gun Motor Carriage
  • M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
  • T34 Rocket Launcher

Tank Destroyers

  • M3 Gun Motor Carriage
  • M6 Gun Motor Carriage
  • M10 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage
  • M18 Gun Motor Carriage
  • M36 Gun Motor Carriage


  • M2 Halftrack
  • M3/M5 Halftrack Personnel Carrier
  • M4 Mortar Carrier
  • T30 Halftrack

Amphibious Vehicles

  • Landing Vehicle Tracked
  • DUKW
  • Ford GPA
  • M29C Weasel

Armored Cars

  • M8 Light Armored Car
  • M3 "White" Scout Car
  • M20 Armored Utility Car
  • T17 Armored Car
  • T18 Armored Car

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