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M4 Sherman Tank

Links related to the M4 Sherman tank on LoneSentry.com:
• Allied Equipment Photos — Photos of several M4 Sherman tanks including New Zealand M4's in Italy.
• Tankers in Tunisia — A training manual prepared for U.S. forces, "Tankers in Tunisia" features interviews with U.S. troops in North Africa about U.S. and German equipment and tactics.
• The Pz-Kw 5 (Panther) Tank — This intelligence report on the German Panther tank includes brief, but interesting, comments on the M4 Sherman.
• The Heavy Mobile Punch — Captured German documents and PWs discuss Panther engagement tactics against the M4 and other Allied tanks.
• Fighting in Normandy — An article from the U.S. publication "Combat Lessons" discusses armor tactics in Normandy and methods of dealing with the hedgerows.
• Tank-Infantry Teamwork — Another article from "Combat Lessons" describes lessons learned regarding close cooperation of armor and infantry.
• Armored Forces — An intelligence report on German armored forces discusses the performance of the M3 and M4 versus German panzers.

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