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Photo Sets: WWII Allied Equipment


The rare M32 with T1E1 "Earthworm" mine exploder photographed in Italy. The mine roller consisted of three units with steel discs mounted on the front of the M32 chassis. The boom could be used to help with steering the roller assembly.    [M32 with T1E1 Earthworm mine exploder]

[Burned out M3 Lee tank]    A burned out M3 Lee tank. The armor appears to have been penetrated in at least three locations.

Allied equipment dump including a row of damaged halftracks and a row of damaged tanks.    [Allied equipment dump]

[Heavy equipment along the Rhine]    Heavy equipment along the Rhine.

M51 Quad .50-caliber machine guns on anti-aircraft trailer mount.    [M51 Quad .50-caliber machine guns on anti-aircraft trailer mount]

[M-5 High Speed Tractor]    M-5 High Speed Tractor

A truck and a jeep shelter in a French town behind a "No Entry" sign.    [Truck and jeep in a French town]

[New Zealand Sherman tank in Italy]    New Zealand Sherman tank in Italy

Another view of #12.    [New Zealand Sherman tank in Italy]

[Ordnance equipment, May 1944]    Ordnance equipment, May 1944, probably stateside.

Two photographs of engine replacement on a Sherman tank in France or Germany.    [Sherman tank engine replacement]

[Sherman tank engine replacement]    The old engine has been placed aside, while the new engine is lowered in.

Two photographs of a squad with an M4 Sherman. Unit and location unknown.    [Squad with M4 Sherman]

[Squad with M4 Sherman]   


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