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WWII Photo Feature 34: Subcaliber Gunnery Training
This section features documents and photographs from our personal collection of WWII historical material. As time permits, new feature pages will be added with additional photographs and documents.

Subcaliber firing was used by the U.S. Army to develop a tank gunner's accuracy, speed, and confidence without the costs and disturbance of firing the main armament. In general, the coaxial machine gun was used for the subcaliber training.

However for fire adjustment training, a standard submachine gun was mounted outside the tank. Until a standard mount could be developed, the Tank Gunnery manual recommended the following mount for the 75-mm gun on the M4. For firing, the submachine gun was connected to the firing solenoid from the coaxial machine gun.

Source: Tank Gunnery, War Department Field Manual FM 17-12, July 10, 1944.

[Submachine Gun Mount for 75-mm Tank Gunnery Training]
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[Tank Submachine Gun Mount for Subcaliber Gunnery Training]
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