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Lone Sentry: Unit History: 91st Infantry Division


[Honor Roll, 12 July 1944 to 31 January 1945]
Honor Roll, 12 July 1944 to 31 January 1945
Major Bertram N. Sheff,
Captain Edward J. Conley,
Captain William B. Fulton,
First Lieutenant George G. Wilson,
Second Lieutenant Roy H. Dullum,
Second Lieutenant Russell M. McKelvey,
Technical Sergeant Clyde W. Lloyd,
Staff Sergeant Francis G. Ambrose,
Staff Sergeant Harry W. Douglass,
Staff Sergeant Alexander Greig,
Staff Sergeant Robert J. Hutson,
Staff Sergeant William A. Montooth,
Staff Sergeant Welton C. Westfall,
Sergeant Carroll D. Eggers,
Technician Fifth Grade Franklin E. Carlson,
Technician Fifth Grade Rosario V. Lerma,
Private First Class John Czinki,
Private First Class Thomas Gibson,
Private First Class Jack E. Green,
361st Infantry
363rd Infantry
363rd Infantry
361st Infantry
361st Infantry
363rd Infantry
361st Infantry
362nd Infantry
361st Infantry
363rd Infantry
363rd Infantry
363rd Infantry
362nd Infantry
362nd Infantry
362nd Infantry
361st Infantry
362nd Infantry
361st Infantry
362nd Infantry
Private First Class Joseph D. Lee,
Private First Class Bruce K. Turner,
Private First Class Joseph O. Van Osdel,
Private Howard E. Weaver,
361st Infantry
361st Infantry
362nd Infantry
363rd Infantry
Colonel Rudolph W. Broedlow,
Colonel John W. Cotton,
Colonel Joseph P. Donnovin,
Colonel Harry T. Ketcham,
Lieutenant Colonel George E. Fletcher,
Lieutenant Colonel William G. Neely,
Lieutenant Colonel Campbell W. Newman,
Lieutenant Colonel Beuford A. Pittman,
Captain Alvin D. Wilder, Jr.,
First Sergeant Willie R. Lawson,
Master Sergeant Orville O. Caster,
Master Sergeant Vander White,
Technical Sergeant Edward Loesch,
Staff Sergeant Gordon L. Bair,
Staff Sergeant Anthel D. Burtch,
Staff Sergeant Odes M. Oldfield,
Staff Sergeant Francis A. Riebe,
Sergeant Earl A. Cowin,
Sergeant Raymond A. Ferguson,
Technician Fourth Grade Lionel F. Grover,
Corporal Richard Griffith,
361st Infantry
362nd Infantry
Chief of Staff
Division Artillery
A C of S, G-3
A C of S, G-1
A C of S, G-4
Division Q. M.
316th Engineers
346th-Field Art’y
348th Field Art’y
347th Field Art’y
363rd Infantry
Division Hdqts
361st Infantry
36lst Infantry
363rd Infantry
361st Infantry
363rd Infantry
Division Hdqts
916th Field Art’y
[Units and Commanders]
Units and Commanders
Headquarters and Hdqts Company,
Headquarters, Special Troops,
Headquarters, Spec. Trps., Med. Det.,
91st Signal Company,
91st Reconnaissance Troop,
91st Quartermaster Company,
791st Ordnance Company,
91st Military Police Platoon,
91st Infantry Division Band,
361st Infantry Regiment,
362nd Infantry Regiment,
363rd Infantry Regiment,
Headquarters and Hdqts Battery,
916th Field Artillery Battalion,
346th Field Artillery Battalion,
347 Field Artillery Battalion,
348th Field Artillery Battalion,
316th Medical Battalion,
316th Engineer Combat Battalion,
Counter-Intelligence Corps Det.,
Capt. Vincent A. Conk
Lt. Col. Paul R. Jeffrey
Maj. Allan A. Fishbein
Capt. Gene F. Larrimore
Capt. Clifford E. Lippincott
Capt. Theodore K. Hegner
Capt. George R. McDannold
Maj. Alvin W. Laird
CWO Erwin M. Greger
Col. Rudolph W. Broedlow
Col. John W. Cotton
Col. W. Fulton Magill, Jr.
Capt. Lather E. Nelson
Lt. Col. James E. Shaw, Jr.
Lt. Col. Calvin E. Barry
Lt. Col. Woodrow L. Lynn
Lt. Col. Robert B. Collier
Lt. Col. Paul W. Breecher
Lt. Col. William C. Holley
Capt. William M. Dennis

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