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Photos: Rivers and Bridges


Two private photos from Germany taken near the end of the war:
     [Ludendorf Bridge, Remagen Germany]   Original caption: Ludendorf Bridge at Remagen Germany.     
[Pontoon bridge Elbe, Bleckede, Germany]   Original caption: Pontoon bridge over Elbe river, Bleckede, Germany.

A set of five private photos of bridges in France and Germany taken shortly after the war. The labels are the original captions written on the back of the photos.
[Demolished Rhine River bridge, Cologne Germany, 1945]
Demolished bridge over the Rhine River at Cologne, Germany, 1945.
[Rhine River bridge]
Bridge over the Rhine that is "kaput", 1945.
[Demolished bridge, Rhine River, Cologne Germany, 1945]
Demolished bridges across the Rhine River at Cologne Germany, 1945.
  [Seine River bridge, St-Aubin-les-Elbeuf, France, 1945]
Bridge across the Seine smashed by Flying Forts, Sept. 1945, St-Aubin-les-Elbeuf, France.
[Seine River bridge Elbeuf and St. Aubin, France, 1945]
Bridge across the Seine linking Elbeuf and St. Aubin, France, Sept. 1945.

[Photo River Crossing, France]    Three photos from an small photo lot. One appears to be Salzburg, Austria while the other two show bridge building operations, probably in France, 1944.
[Photo River Crossing, France] [Photo River Crossing, France]

[Rhine River, unknown location]   Private photo of the Rhine River, location unknown.

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