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Photo Sets: PWs (Prisoners of War)


German PWs, Italy.    [German PWs Italy]

[German PWs, Verdun, 1944]     
Three photos of German PWs, Verdun, 1944.
[German PWs, Verdun, 1944]   [German PWs, Verdun, 1944]

German PWs along the Rhine.    [German PWs along the Rhine]

[German PWs board a U.S. truck]    German PWs board a U.S. truck in France or Germany.

Column of German PWs share the road with civilians and U.S. transport in Germany or Austria after the end of hostilities.    [Column of German PWs]

[Truckload of German PWs]    An unmarked photo from our collection shows a truckload of German PWs passing behind a group a GIs.

After the end of the war, German soldiers group around a Shell gas station.    [German PWs at Shell gas station]

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