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Russian KV II Heavy Tank

Fact sheet for the Russian KV II Heavy Tank from U.S. War Department FM 30-40: Recognition Pictorial Manual on Armored Vehicles. KV stood for Kliment Voroshilov being named after the Soviet defense commissar Kliment Voroshilov. The 53-ton KV-2 was armed with an 152-mm howitzer.
Russian KV II Heavy Tank
The text reads:

Turret: Very large and massive; rectangular, with vertical sides and rear; front is vertical or slightly inclined, depending on model; undercut in rear; large gun mantlet.

Hull: Long, set low between massive tracks; face of driver's cab nearly vertical, joins gently sloping forward deck; flat rear deck.

     One 152-mm howitzer in turret.
     One coaxial machine gun.
     One machine gun in left front of hull.

Traction; Full track; six nearly evenly spaced bogie wheels sprung independently; large driving sprocket in rear; three large track support rollers; very broad tracks.

INTEREST DATA: This tank is similar to the KV I except for the massive turret. This turret cannot be traversed when the tank is tilted. In some models a 122 (128?)-mm howitzer is mounted in place of the 152-mm. The tank is used chiefly as close-support artillery.

KV-2 Russian Tank

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